Where Can Kybella Be Injected? Breaking Down Top Kybella Treatment Areas:

In the world of skincare, there’s always a new and improved product, service, or technique right around the corner. One of the newest treatment options available is called Kybella. This is an injection commonly used to treat a sagging or double chin. The injection itself targets fat cells and kills them. Once the dead cells are processed by the body and pushed out, it leaves you with a tighter, more defined jaw. And yet, with the successful chin treatment, many have started to ask one common question: where can Kybella be injected? Can it be used to treat fat storage in other areas of the body? Like the stomach or chest or under the arms or in the thighs? We have the answers to all of your Kybella questions right here.

Where Can Kybella Be Injected?

First, What Exactly is Kybella?

It is important to discuss what Kybella is and how it works before diving deeper into whether or not it can be used as a safe injectable in other areas of the body. For starters, it is an FDA-approved approach for treating double chin and fat storage around the jawline.

The injection uses deoxycholic acid in its approach to killing fat cells. Once the fat cells are dead, the body will eventually metabolize them. This does not happen instantly. Instead, it can take several weeks for everything to be processed and pushed out of the body.

Your body naturally produces a substance similar to this acid, which is made in the stomach to help break down certain foods. The deoxycholic acid is simply a man made creation designed to replicate the same process. Basically, it’s taking something your body naturally makes and using it in a different area of the body.

Targeting Your Unwanted Chin Fat

It is extremely important to focus the injections on fatty and unwanted tissue. To do this, dozens of small injections are made into the target areas. After the first session of injections (there maybe three to four dozen injections made, depending on the size of the fat storage), it will take several weeks for the dead cells to be processed out of the target area. Your skincare professionals will then analyze the area and perform additional sessions to ensure the final results are exactly what you want.

So, it might take a few different sessions, spread out over several months, to achieve the desired final results. That is why, if you are preparing for a special event, begin the process well in advance of your target date.

Can Kybella Be Injected in Other Areas of the Body?

The simple answer to this is yes. Because the injection targets fat cells, it is technically possible to use this method to fight off fat cells anywhere. With that said, it isn’t always the best method for targeting larger areas of the body.

It is extremely important to focus the injections on very specific areas. This is why it can take several dozen injections in just the chin area. If you were to focus on your belly, it might take hundreds of injections to do this (if not more). That simply isn’t time-efficient or cost-effective. So, for larger areas of the body you wish to target, there are better alternatives to use than with Kybella injections.

However, because Kybella is an excellent option for smaller areas, it can target more specific spots around the body. If you have a small, stubborn area you’d like to target, Kybella might be the way to go. It can be used around the armpits, on the underside of your bottom (where it connects with your thighs), in other areas around your face, around your knee caps, the very lower portion of your belly (not the entire stomach, but if there is a small area you’d like to tighten up), or on your back, if you experience bra bulges and want to stop that from happening.

Off-Label Service

It is very important to point out that Kybella was FDA-approved specifically for working on the chin. It hasn’t been officially approved for other areas of the body. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t safe and effective, though. The injections are now being used throughout the body, but, at least for now, the FDA approval is only for the chin. If you are a candidate for the injection on another area of the body and move forward with the injection, we are fully confident in the results you’ll experience.

Is Kybella Right For You?

The answer to this question is very specific to you. The best way to determine this is for you to schedule a consultation with our staff here at The Skin Center By CPS. If your stubborn area is on the smaller side, there’s a good chance Kybella will be a viable option. But if not, we have several other fat-busting tricks up our sleeves. So schedule a Kybella and fat loss consultation, and we will go over whether the injections are right for you and where can Kybella be injected?

Schedule Your Fat-Blasting Consultation Today

Kybella is one of the newest ways to treat fat storage in the body. And yet, it is not the only option at your disposal. It is possible that, after a consultation, it will be determined that Kybella injections are not the best option for you, but that’s okay. There are other methods of treatment, depending on your own unique situation. So whether the fat cells can be frozen, targeted with a laser, an injection, or a surgical procedure is more desirable, there are plenty of ways to begin treating your stubborn areas. All you need to do is give our staff here at The Skin Center By CPS a call, and we’ll sit down and go over all your options during your initial visit. So give us a ring today!