What is UpNeeq: New Eyelid Lifting Eye Drops

Wish your eyelids were less droopy? You may be in luck, especially if you are not quite ready for eyelid surgery. As we age, gravity takes its toll. The face begins to sag; this may include droopy eyelids. One of the negative results of droopy eyelids can be a tired or sad look, even making your eyes look smaller.

Sometimes drooping eyelids hinder vision. Believe it or not, droopy or low-lying eyelids (ptosis) can often make it more difficult to see clearly while driving or working at your computer.

Introducing UpNeeq, the new eyelid lifting drops. ‘Eyes Pop with a Daily Drop.’ According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, people may see a lift of 1 mm to their upper eyelids by using UpNeeq. This, of course, is not as dramatic a result as with blepharoplasty, a surgical eyelid lift. However, UpNeeq can provide a noticeable lift simply by using an eyedrop-based treatment as directed. While the results are subtle, most find that the lift of the upper lid creates bigger, brighter eyes, making the appearance of looking more rested, alert, and youthful.

Please be aware that this article is not a substitute for dedicated medical care. UpNeeq is a prescription medication that isn’t right for everyone. Your doctor or health care professional will help you weigh the pros and cons of your choice. This article aims to provide information on a non-surgical option available when considering treatments for droopy eyelids.

In case you are unfamiliar with UpNeeq, we have included some fundamentals to help bring you up to speed.

What is UpNeeq?

Some people find their eyelids begin to droop as a result of aging. This is usually caused when the lid muscle stretches and becomes weak. Or drooping may also be due to an eye injury. The condition is called ptosis or blepharoptosis, affecting many adults to varying degrees.

UpNeeq is an FDA-approved prescription eye drop to lift the upper eyelid when used once a day temporarily. It contains an oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution.

If oxymetazoline hydrochloride sounds familiar, it is in other common medications, such as nasal sprays used to treat allergies, colds, decongestion, and hay fever, per Medline. More recently, oxymetazoline hydrochloride was FDA-approved to combat droopy eyelids.

As with any prescription medication, it may not suit everyone; UpNeeq’s website mentions which may not be a good candidate, including people with uncontrolled high or low blood pressure. Please talk with your health provider and be sure they are informed about your entire medical history, other medications you take, and any current medical issues. This way, your provider can determine if you have a condition or are taking a drug that may contraindicate using UpNeeq.

If you wear contact lenses, you may still use UpNeeq, but according to their website, you should wait 15 minutes after administering UpNeeq eye drops before putting in your contact lenses. Be sure to discuss this with your eye doctor and your Medspa provider.

How UpNeeq Works

It works by stimulating a muscle in your upper eyelid which in turn causes the eyelid to lift and the eyes to look more open. The muscle that lifts the eyelid is called “Muller’s muscle.” You take one drop per day in each eye. The eyelid lifting results are temporary, lasting six to eight hours at a time. The treatment is non-invasive and often starts working within minutes of application. Some people use it daily, while others save UpNeeq for special occasions, date night, a photo opportunity, that work presentation, or whenever you want to look your most alert and lively.

Some people have reported temporarily experiencing mild side effects while using UpNeeq that usually resolve as the drops wear off. The most common reactions include inflammation, eye redness, dry eye, blurry vision, eye pain or irritation, and headache. These side effects only occur in 1-5% of the patients; most do not experience any. UpNeeq is a prescription medication, and some side effects can be more serious; you must communicate openly with your provider.

Good News! If you suffer from low-hanging upper eyelids, you are not stuck with a “tired” looking face due to droopy lids. UpNeeq may be able to help remedy that “sleepy eye” look. It may even complement your Botox treatment so you have smoother, less wrinkled skin and look more refreshed and awake around the eyes. With more alert, open-looking eyes, people may think you had a good night’s sleep or a restful vacation. While you may not have time to get away, it’s still nice to look like you had a refreshing holiday.

If this interests you, your next step is to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic medical professional such as one of the specialists at The Skin Center by CPS.

Your Next Steps: Schedule a Consultation

A consultation is always recommended. It should be your first step when considering a surgical vs. non-surgical cosmetic procedure. When speaking with your medical provider, share your hopes, aesthetic goals, and concerns. This way, they can better offer various options that suit your needs.

Your provider will most likely review different modalities and treatment options to achieve your desired results. They may show you actual patients, before and after photos, or even use modern imaging technology to simulate the effects you might expect.

The most satisfied patients are those who are well-informed and have realistic expectations. This is achieved by having an honest conversation with your healthcare provider. Be honest about your lifestyle, medical history, medications or supplements you take, as well as your budget. A comprehensive consultation is your time to ask questions, discuss concerns, and be informed as to any prerequisites to treatment.

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