What is Dysport®? Let Us Help You Understand All Things Dysport® Injectables:

By now, nearly everyone has heard of the injectable Botox®, but most people are not as familiar with other injectable cosmetic treatments. Sometimes people ask us, “What is Dysport®?”

RealSelf listed Dysport® in its “2022 Worth It Procedures” article. This article piqued the curiosity of some as its rank was similar to Botox® and dermal fillers for treating fine lines and wrinkles.

Keep in mind that this article is for educational purposes, so you are aware of the top cosmetic injectables currently available.

What is Dysport®?

Dysport® is an FDA-approved injectable neuromodulator used to temporarily relax the muscles in the forehead that cause wrinkles. It contains a small dose of botulinum toxins and, in many ways, works like Botox®.

A skilled provider will closely inject Dysport® into the selected areas of the face. Neurotoxin is injected via a very fine needle into specific facial muscles, relaxing the nerves around the injection site, limiting muscle contraction and movement. With the muscles relaxed, the surface of the surrounding skin looks smooth. Most people find that Dysport® injections are painless other than the initial mild needle prick. Some people may experience side effects that are pretty similar to the side effects of Botox®, including:

  • Occasional bruising or mild swelling at or around the injection site
  • Some experience headaches, usually temporary
  • Some experience nose and throat irritation
  • Some experience eyelid swelling or drooping
  • In rare cases, upper respiratory tract infection or sinus inflammation
  • In extremely rare cases, more serious reactions occur.
  • If you notice fever, nausea, or other signs of illness, contact your doctor or visit urgent care

Have a frank discussion with your provider about possible side effects and associated risk factors. Injectables like Dysport® are very popular because most people love the results and don’t experience any significant side effects.

Generally, the best candidates for Dysport® meet the following criteria:

  • Are in good general health and are not pregnant
  • Don’t have a known history of botulinum toxin sensitivity
  • Don’t have any known milk allergies
  • Are between the ages of 18 and 65

Please note that some people may not perfectly meet the criteria but still benefit from Dysport®. If that may be the case, see a plastic surgeon, or allied professional who can do a personalized assessment. Likewise, some who meet all the listed criteria might have other health or lifestyle factors that contraindicate Dysport® injections.

The Difference Between Dysport® and Botox®

First, let’s discuss the similarities between Dysport® and Botox®. Both are types of injectable botulinum toxins that serve as neuromodulators. They both work by relaxing muscle contractions in the targeted muscle groups, usually on the forehead or face. Since both injectables treat fine lines from facial expressions, it is no wonder that many don’t understand the differences between them.

The main difference is the concentration level of Dysport® compared with Botox®. Botox is more concentrated, and Dysport® is more diluted. The dilution isn’t necessarily negative, and it depends on the goals and needs.

So far, Dysport® is only approved to treat moderate glabella wrinkles. These are the wrinkles or lines on the forehead and between the eyebrows. Some people who develop a tolerance to Botox® switch to Dysport® to cosmetically treat these wrinkles.

Typically, results from Dysport® show sooner than with Botox®. With Dysport®, results show after a couple of days compared to Botox®, which can take a week or longer and peaks after two weeks. Dysport® also doesn’t usually last as long as Botox®. Dysport® injections usually last three to four months, while Botox results can last a few months and for some people as long as six months.

Uses and Benefits of Dysport®

Dysport® is most commonly used to treat forehead wrinkles. The dilution level makes it great for smoothing foreheads. People who develop tolerance to Botox® may see better results with Dysport®.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Dysport® Injection

Try the following to minimize the risks of side effects and to see your best results:

  • Do not exercise or engage in strenuous activity for at least 4 hours after your injections
  • Stay out of the sun for 24-hours, as much as possible to avoid direct sun exposure
  • Stay upright, do not lay down for 3 hours after your injections
  • Minimize or, better yet, avoid alcohol for at least a couple of days before your injection
  • Avoid massaging or rubbing the injection areas, so you don’t accidentally spread the neuromodulator to other parts of the face.

Choosing the Right Provider

Keep in mind that the aesthetic results from any injectable like Dysport® or Botox® depend largely on the skill of your provider. Too often, budget-conscious people shop around and will get their injections from someone they find through Groupon or another coupon site.

Think of it like a haircut. You may be happier with a haircut from a skilled stylist than one who is less experienced with your hair type. Both use scissors as a tool but how they use those scissors makes the difference. Similar to injectables, a skilled provider will target the right area more precisely and is less likely to leave bruising or unnatural-looking results. The difference is that your injections are on your face and last months, so the stakes are a little higher than for a haircut.

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