What is a Lip Flip?

If you are interested in having fuller-looking lips, you may be considering filler injections. While that certainly is a valid option to add volume and shape to the lips, it isn’t the only one. TikTok introduced many people to the “lip flip” trend, which results in fuller-looking lips without adding volume or injecting fillers. You may wonder, “what is a lip flip?” 

So, What is a Lip Flip?

During a lip flip procedure, your provider uses a neurotoxin like Botox to relax targeted muscles in the upper lip, mainly in the “cupid’s bow” area. As a result, the upper lips relax, spread out, and there is a slight upturn of the mouth. The trend may be new, but the procedure has been used before to cosmetically treat a “gummy smile.”

A gummy smile refers to what happens when the upper lip pulls tight during a smile. In some cases, becomes less visible, exposing the upper gums during a smile. Since a lip flip relaxes the responsible muscles, people will see more of your upper lip when you smile.

It can take a week or two for the Botox to take effect and for the results to unfold. The results last about three to four months, so like injectables, it is a temporary process.

What is the difference between a Lip Flip and a Lip Filler

Aside from the obvious fact that the two are different treatments, let’s focus on the results. If you want to restore or add volume to your lips, then you may be happiest with some fillers. As we age, our lips lose volume; for some, a little filler restores their confidence and makes them look more like their younger self.

Some potential causes of the loss of volume in the lips include:

  • Aging and genetics
  • Premature aging from smoking cigarettes, vaping or using tobacco
  • Sun damage is a top cause of premature aging as well

Sometimes young people who haven’t lost any volume opt for lip fillers because they always wanted fuller-looking lips. Whether you want a subtle enhancement or more dramatic size changes then fillers can work well as a way to make your lips bigger temporarily.

Other people may want fuller-looking lips but are also worried about getting a drastic look they associate with too much filler. Anyone who follows celebrity press may have seen comments when an actor or actress appears to have put too much filler. While we think it is important to respect people’s choices, we understand that may put some off of fillers. In this case, a lip flip may help, particularly if your upper lip muscles are “overactive” or tend to tense more than necessary when you smile.

Both are effective non-surgical, temporary treatments that result in fuller, smoother-looking lips. The exact use for each varies a little depending on your needs, goals, and personal anatomy. Some people even combine a lip flip and lip filler to transform their mouth with great results.

Both lips flip and fillers may slightly smooth fine lines in or around the lips in different ways. Some find it just like how Botox® smooths their forehead lines, 11s, or crow’s feet; it also smooths the vertical expression lines along the upper lip.

Side Effects of a Lip Flip

Since a lip flip is a specific application of Botox or another neuromodulator, the side effects are similar.

For most people, they are minimal, possibly a little pain at the injection site and potentially mild bruising that normally resolves in a few days. For a rare few, there can be a risk of more serious side effects. It is essential that you speak frankly and honestly with any cosmetic provider. They may assess whether you have any health conditions or take any medications that may contraindicate your results or make the treatment riskier for you as an individual.

Also, since everyone has unique variations to their anatomy, it is possible that relaxing your upper lips may not be as aesthetically pleasing to you as someone else. Should that be the case, your provider may offer other alternatives. Keep in mind the results are temporary and gradually start wearing off. Should you decide to discontinue the treatment, you may find comfort in the fact that you are not irreversibly altering your face.

Some people find they have trouble singing, maintaining a seal when they use a straw, or even talking after a lip flip. This varies by person.

 A Consultation is Your Next Step to Fuller-Looking Lips

Like any other cosmetic procedure, it all starts with a consultation. See a Botox® provider who has experience performing successful lip flips. This ensures the highest likelihood that your provider will be able to predict whether this is the proper treatment to meet your specific goals. 

Realistic expectations are one of the key factors in whether someone is happy with their results. Your provider may be able to show you before and after photographs. While sometimes people are surprised about the results from a lip flip, others feel the results are more subtle than they prefer.

When you meet your provider, be sure to share your goals, concerns, and questions, and be open about your lifestyle and medical history. If your provider makes alternative suggestions, it is because they want to be safe and happy with your results.

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