What is a DiamondGlow Facial? Let us Break it Down

what is a diamondglow facial

If you want smoother skin texture, you may have started researching skin resurfacing and other skin rejuvenation treatments. DiamondGlow® Facials remain one of the most highly sought-after treatments you may have seen mentioned in the beauty press and on Instagram.

Since no procedure is right for everyone, we always recommend a consultation to learn which modern skin rejuvenation treatments best suit your goals and needs. We hope this article helps open your mind to your options, as so many people are thrilled with the results they experienced from DiamondGlow® facials.

The treatment takes about 30 minutes without significant downtime other than the increased sensitivity that immediately follows any facial, dermabrasion, or exfoliation treatment. 

We have put together this article to help you understand “what is a DiamondGlow facial”.

 What Is A DiamondGlow Facial?

DiamondGlow® uses a special dermabrasion device with a “patented recessed diamond tip wand” to gently remove dead skin cells, deep clean the skin and infuse the skin with custom serums such as TNS Advanced+, HA5 Hydrator, Vitamin C, and several other proprietary blends. The process also has some rejuvenating effects. Revealing fresher, younger-looking skin.

The level of exfoliation is customized to your specific needs. Though this is considered a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure, it is essential to see a provider skilled in the dermabrasion technique. In the right hands, DiamondGlow® can safely treat the upper eyelids, under-eyes, lips, and other delicate skin areas.

Bottom line – In the hands of a skilled professional, the DiamondGlow® device simultaneously exfoliates, extracts debris, and infuses the skin with professional-grade serums while pores are open and most receptive. The treatment is customized to your needs.

Benefits of a DiamondGlow Facial

Diamond Glow™ is so popular it’s considered first-class of all facial services. It is an exceptional facial treatment provided by a diamond tip wand to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, rough texture, and other signs of aging. As mentioned, it is gentle enough for sensitive, thin, crepey skin. 

The benefits of a DiamondGlow® Facial include:

  • Fresher, smoother-looking skin
  • A more radiant complexion
  • Many see reduced fine lines after a deep exfoliation or dermabrasion
  • Improved elasticity and texture
  • More even skin tone
  • Softer skin
  • A refreshed appearance

We find that DiamondGlow® is a great add-on service to combine with other skin rejuvenation procedures, including laser treatments, Profound RF, or even chemical peels. Speak with your provider to determine which treatment or combination of treatments is most suited to your needs.

Let’s review, a crusted wand is used to exfoliate the skin, leaving it glowing and feeling smoother than ever before. Helps brighten and even out skin tone while reducing the appearance of pores. You could say, “diamonds are your skin’s best friend.’

 It may also be beneficial if you have sensitive skin or rosacea because it does not use acids or any harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin.

The DiamondGlow® facial is highly customizable to suit various skin types and needs. Choosing the right level of exfoliation and serum can help with a range of specific skin concerns, including sun damage, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture, dryness, oiliness, and fine lines.

How Often Should You Get a DiamondGlow Facial?

That depends on the condition of your skin and your unique needs. This is why a consultation with a skincare specialist is essential for DiamondGlow® and any other cosmetic procedure.

We recommend scheduling your treatment a couple of weeks prior to a big event to give your skin enough time to heal and the results to emerge. If you need a series of treatments, schedule those at least two weeks apart. Some people like to get a DiamondGlow® facial monthly or twice a month to maintain their glowing skin.

Generally, you shouldn’t experience significant downtime from a DiamondGlow® facial. You may only notice some tenderness and redness for an hour or two after the treatment due to the vacuum suction and exfoliation.

How to Maintain Your DiamondGlow Results

We recommend that everyone use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily to protect the skin from damaging sun rays. This is especially crucial after a DiamondGlow® or other deep exfoliation treatment to protect the fresh, new skin from becoming damaged.

We also provide guidance on other products, treatments, and procedures that may help your skin look and feel its best. Carefully follow your curated skincare routine to extend the results.

Finally, take care of yourself:

  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate from the inside out
  • Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep most nights
  • Eat a balanced diet, including fresh produce, lean proteins, and essential fatty acids
  • Stay active

While maintaining your overall health may seem unrelated, it helps keep your skin healthy and your body.

If you also get injectable treatments like Botox® or fillers, be sure to have them done after your DiamondGlow® facial, not before. Talk with your provider about the ideal timing when combining treatments to ensure your best results.

Next Step: Make Your Appointment

The next step to glowing skin is to schedule an appointment with a skin specialist who is a skilled DiamondGlow® provider. 

During your appointment, inform your provider of your hopes, skin sensitivities, lifestyle, and concerns. Sometimes little details that seem insignificant are essential in assessing which treatments best suit your needs. Also, with a highly personalized treatment like DiamondGlow®, it is crucial for your provider to know your goals. 

After all, DiamondGlow® is used both to treat oily skin and to hydrate dry skin. The difference is in the serums and device heads.

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