Vivace vs Microneedling: What is the difference?

Microneedling improves the skin’s texture and appearance in a variety of ways. Most notably, it helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which leads to younger-looking skin. If that sounds good, what if you learned that Vivace takes classic microneedling to another level?

When people first learn about Vivace, they commonly ask about the pros and cons of vivace vs microneedling. Vivace Ultra™ is a proprietary microneedling treatment that uses insulated, gold-tipped needles, but it also combines microneedling with LED light and radiofrequency treatment.

When considering which option is best for you, it helps to understand a few basics. Since both treatments involve microneedling, let’s first consider how microneedling works.

About Classic Microneedling and How it Works

As we age, we produce less collagen and elastin. Our skin texture changes as a result and becomes saggier, more wrinkled, and heals slower. Microneedling stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Microneedling has a range of benefits, such as:

  • Scars, including acne scars and pockmarks, are reduced and less visible
  • Skin appears “tighter” has more elasticity
  • Fine lines improve
  • Reduces dark spots or hyperpigmentation, skin appears more even-toned
  • Products penetrate better. Serums such as Growth Factors, Peptides, Vitamin C, just to name a few, absorb better.

During a microneedling session, your provider uses a specialized device to create micro-injuries in your skin. Don’t worry; it isn’t as painful as it sounds. These tiny “wounds” stimulate your body’s natural healing process by stimulating collagen and elastin to repair the skin and thereby restoring more youthful skin.

It can be combined with other treatments depending on your needs. People often complete a series of microneedling sessions spaced four to six weeks apart.

What Vivace Adds to the Microneedling Experience and Results

As mentioned, Vivace Ultra™ combines microneedling with radiofrequency (or RF) treatment. The energy heats up the skin, which also helps stimulate collagen production. In other words, it amplifies the results.

First and only of its kind, Vivace Ultra™ takes microneedling to the next level. Ultrasound mapping identifies each layer and thickness of the skin. Analyzing the data to determine the exact needle depth and RF settings, providers are able to develop the most precision driven, customized microneedling treatment plan for each patient.

 Vivace Ultra™ is FDA-cleared.

The benefits of Vivace Ultra™ include all the benefits of microneedling as well as:

  • Customizable treatment due to new ultrasound mapping technology
  • Works for people with any skin tone, unlike some laser treatments.
  • It may be used to treat skin on any area of the face or body.
  • Visible results sooner than with conventional microneedling since it combines treatments.
  • Vivace also uses LED light therapy and can facilitate clearing up acne or skin rejuvenation, depending on your age and skin type.
  • Vivace penetrates deeper layers due to the use of RF.
  • Duality of treatments during one appointment makes it more efficient.

In other words, Vivace Ultra™ offers the benefits of microneedling along with something extra. The RF and LED therapy intensify the results. While results may last for months or even years, most have the best results with a series of sessions spaced four to six weeks apart. The number of sessions varies depending on your needs, as with traditional microneedling, you may start seeing results within a few days as your skin heals.

Maintaining Your Results From Either Vivace or Microneedling

As with any treatment, the best way to maintain your results longer is by staying consistent with your at-home skin care routine. While the specific products and tools may vary depending on your needs, for most people, this includes:

  • Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, even when it’s cloudy or rainy. Damage from the sun’s rays is a top cause of premature aging. Be sure to check the label to make sure your sunscreen protects against both UV-A and UV-B rays.
  • Use any serums and at-home treatments recommended for your needs. Some use retinoids, some peptides, and others a vitamin C serum. The best skincare is tailored to your skin’s specific needs and your lifestyle.
  • Use a gentle cleanser to remove makeup, sweat, dirt, and oil without drying out or irritating your skin.

Talk with your provider about how best to prepare your skin prior to your sessions. Whether you choose Vivace Ultra™ or another form of Microneedling; you may want to temporarily discontinue using retinoids, AHA/BHA, irritating skin treatments, alcohol, and supplements that thin the blood for a few days before each session to reduce the risk of bruising, excess swelling or irritation.

Making the Right Choice for Your Skin

While microneedling and Vivace work very well for most people, neither treatment is right for everyone. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), microneedling may not be appropriate for people with clotting or bleeding disorders who take blood thinners, have skin conditions like eczema, have immune issues, or have diabetes. Be sure to discuss your medical history with your provider for more specific advice.

In addition, if you are considering Vivace Ultra™, you may not be a good candidate if you have an active skin condition or infection, or have issues with wound healing. Vivace Ultra™ may not be performed on pregnant women. Be sure to speak with your provider about any known health conditions and symptoms you are experiencing.

Side effects are usually minimal for people who are good candidates. The puncture wounds are very shallow, so you should heal quickly. Most common side effects include bruising, skin tenderness, mild pain, for a few days. More serious side effects like skin infection or scarring are extremely rare, but can happen. After Vivace Ultra™, some experience symptoms similar to a mild sunburn for a day or two due to the added heat from the RF energy.

The best way to learn which procedure is right for you is by booking a consultation with a skin health professional. Discuss your aesthetic goals, any concerns you may have, and provide your health history. 

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