If you are searching for UpNeeq® near Charlotte, NC, then chances are you want a product that makes your eyes look more open and alert. Some have described it as an eyelift in a bottle. UNeeq® isn’t a substitute for eyelid lift surgery, but it is ideal for people who just need a little lift.

UpNeeq® is an FDA-approved treatment in the form of an eye drop that temporarily lifts the eyelid area.

Eyelid ptosis is another name for the sagging of the upper eyelid. Often the problem is aesthetic since it tends to make people look sleepy. Sometimes it can be severe enough that the droopy skin interferes with vision.

Some people are born with eyelid ptosis, while others acquire it with age, injury to the eyelid, or for other possible reasons. While it is often cosmetic, it can also impact day-to-day function depending on the severity of the dropping. Some ways it can affect you include:

  • Impair visual near tasks such as reading, using the computer, or crafts
  • Impair visual distant tasks driving, watching performances, or site seeing
  • Appear drowsy, tired, or disinterested
  • Your eyes appear uneven or asymmetric

UpNeeq® specifically treats acquired eyelid ptosis; it doesn’t work for congenital eyelid ptosis, according to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

How Does UpNeeq® Work?

For those not ready for a surgical eye lift, this non-invasive option helps lift low-lying eyelids and droopy-looking eyelids, making them look more open. UpNeeq® works by stimulating an eyelid muscle known as the Müller’s muscle, causing it to contract. It is sort of the opposite of Botox®, which relaxes targeted muscles.

UpNeeq® to Counteract Botox® Induced Ptosis

In rare cases Botox® injections have been known to temporarily cause acquired droopy eyelids, UpNeeq® may help counteract that side effect. Enjoy the benefits of Botox® without that sleepy eye look that sometimes happens.

How Long Do UpNeeq® Results Last?

UpNeeq® starts to work within minutes after you apply the eye drops. The results are temporary; your eyes look more open and alert for six to eight hours due to the lift in your eyelids. Some people use it daily, and others prefer to save it for moments when they want to look their best such as an event, date night, a presentation at work, or posing for a photograph.

The lifting effect is often subtle but noticeable. According to the makers of UpNeeq® during their clinical trials, the average lift was about 1 mm. Most people see results; 85% saw a noticeable difference in the trials.

You simply apply the eye drops every day if you want to see results. One drop in each eye, and you chill for a minute with your eyes closed. If you happen to wear contact lenses, wait at least 15 minutes before putting your lenses in after using UpNeeq®.

UpNeeq® is a Prescription Eye Drop

To use UpNeeq®, you will need a prescription. Though it is considered safe for most people, some have side effects. The brand behind UpNeeq®, Ro, lists them on the website. Side effects seen in between 1% and 5% of patients include:

  • Eye inflammation
  • Red eye
  • Dry eye
  • Blurry vision
  • Pain or irritation at the application site
  • Headache

The main active ingredient Oxymetazoline is also commonly used in nasal decongestants. Sometimes people ask about this; the dosing and delivery are tailored to the specific purpose. So UpNeeq® is safe to apply in the eyes, assuming you have a prescription, have no contraindications, and use it as directed. There are several medications used for different conditions, and the formulation and dosage are specific to the application.

Benefits of UpNeeq® for Acquired Eyelid Droop

In summary, while UpNeeq® has its limitations, it is also easy and beneficial to many people. The benefits include:

  • It’s a non-invasive and non-surgical option for people who want a little lift to their eyelids but are not ready for surgical eyelid lift surgery.
  • It can be used to improve the appearance of symmetry between the two eyes. If one eyelid droops, it can make that entire eye look smaller, or the face look asymmetrical.
  • Sometimes it can enhance your vision. If the drooping eyelid impedes your vision.
  • The results are temporary and reversible, so it isn’t a long-term or lifelong commitment like a surgical procedure. You can choose when you want the temporary lift to look your best in the moments when it counts most to you.
  • It’s convenient since you simply use one drop daily.
  • It’s generally safe and well-tolerated, which is why it earned FDA approval.

If You Want UpNeeq® Charlotte NC, It All Starts With an Appointment

Since UpNeeq® is prescription only, you will need to schedule an appointment. Your aesthetic medical professional will want to learn about your overall health, any diagnosed health issues, your symptoms, any prescription and over-the-counter medications you take, and your goals. Even though it is safe and effective for most people, it isn’t suitable for everyone.

Whenever you see an aesthetic professional, share your goals, hopes, and concerns. Sometimes you may learn of a different treatment that suits your needs better. After all, in a rapidly evolving field like aesthetics, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest developments. That’s why you seek out a professional. Our team is here to help you identify the best products for your needs so you don’t waste time and money on products that don’t deliver.

If you live near Charlotte and Google search “UpNeeq® near me,” we hope you consider The Skin Center by Charlotte Plastic Surgery. We proudly serve Charlotte, NC, and surrounding area residents that want to look their best and feel confident. Schedule an appointment to explore your non-surgical cosmetic options, whether that includes injections like Botox®, prescription UpNeeq® eye drops, or today’s best skin rejuvenation techniques.

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