Winter is Coming! Check Out Our Top Winter Skin Care Tips!

Why You Need a Winter Skin Care Regime

During the winter, the humidity and temperatures both drop. To keep warm, many people spend as much time inside with the heater running. Combining these three conditions leads to the air drawing moisture from your skin, making it dry out. You need a special skincare regime during the winter that prevents damage due to the low humidity and dry air inside heated homes.

How to Transition to Winter Skin Care

During the summer, you likely spent a lot of time outside. The summer’s strong sunlight often prompts many to wear sunscreen daily to prevent skin cancer and surface damage. However, neglecting to use sunscreen, not using enough, or failing to reapply it could result in skin damage in the form of dark spots.

Dark areas on the skin come from extra melanin production from sun exposure. Before the winter starts, you should use products from The Skin Center by Charlotte Plastic Surgery to reduce melanin synthesis and fade these dark spots.

What to Include in Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Your winter skincare routine should include the following:

  • Cleansing
  • Exfoliating
  • Using toner
  • Moisturizing
  • Applying Sunscreen

Each of these steps in your winter skincare routine is important. Start now to make caring for your skin a regular habit that you will continue after the winter ends.

The Importance of Cleansing and Exfoliating

Your skin needs daily cleaning and exfoliating. Even if you don’t exercise daily or play sports, your skin still gets dust, pollen, dirt, and more on it. Plus, your skin naturally sheds and produces oils. Therefore, you need a cleansing regimen daily to keep your skin from having these substances build up and making your appearance look dull.

In addition to cleansing, you should also exfoliate your skin. Your skin goes through a regular cycle of growing new cells and shedding old ones. Exfoliating removes these dead skin cells to brighten your appearance.

Why You Should Use Toner

Your skin has pores that allow the oil to rise to the surface and naturally help moisturize your skin. However, for some people, the pores can appear large. A toner helps to tighten the appearance of your skin and reduce the appearance of the pores. When you couple a toner with cleaning, your skin can look healthier and more youthful.

Sunscreen in the Winter? Yes! You Need It

The sun shines all year long, even in the winter. While the sun does not strike the Earth at the same angle in the winter, your skin still needs protection from its rays.

If you fail to use sunscreen through the winter over all your skin, you may notice sun damage signs on your left side. The left half of your face, your left hand, and left arm all have daily sun exposure as light passes through the driver’s side window of your car. These areas could redden or develop dark spots from the UV rays interacting with your skin.

The Most Important of All Winter Skin Care Tips

As noted, winter poses the problem of dry skin. Therefore, an essential tip for the winter is to use a moisturizer. The exact type of moisturizer for you depends on your skin type. Even if you have oily skin, you will still need a moisturizer to balance your skin tone. You should schedule a consultation with a skin expert to determine which moisturizer will help your skin look great without feeling greasy or clogging your pores.

What Else You Need to Do to Have Glowing Skin Throughout the Winter

Lastly, you should understand that everyone has different skin types. Plus, your skin needs can change over time. Therefore, you may need to change your skincare routine over time. If you don’t know your skin type, need restorative treatment, or want to find products to help your skin glow, consult with one of the experts at The Skin Center by Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

Why You Should Get Personalized Winter Skin Care Tips Based on Your Age

As you age, your skin goes through changes brought by both hormonal changes and the aging process. For instance, over time, you may notice wrinkles appearing in more places or your skin becoming drier than in the past. You may need injections to fill in wrinkles or microneedling to combat these aging signs. Even younger people can use skin care treatment, such as broadband light therapy, to reduce redness and uneven coloring from acne, sun damage, excessive melanin, freckles, and hyperpigmentation.

Consequently, when you visit The Skin Center by Charlotte Plastic Surgery, you will notice that skincare products have age ranges. The Skin Center experts will give different advice and product recommendations for skincare for those 25 to 35, 35 to 50, and those over 50. Schedule your appointment to get personalized winter skin care tips and the products you need to make your skin look its best.

Contact The Skin Center by Charlotte Plastic Surgery

It’s never too early or too late to get advice for improving your skin. With help from the team at The Skin Center by Charlotte Plastic Surgery, you can get treatments such as facials, chemical peels, light therapy, dermal fillers, DiamondGlow®, and more. These options can improve your skin by preventing problems, correcting issues, contouring your body, and reducing wrinkles’ appearance.

Schedule your appointment now at The Skin Center by Charlotte Plastic Surgery. You can find out how to take care of your skin to look better and feel healthier. We’re here to help you have the glowing skin you crave during the winter and for the rest of the year.