Breaking Down 5 of Our Top SkinMedica Products!

Shopping for the right skincare products can feel like a continual guessing game. Walking into any beauty supply store and you’ll find towering displays of products for every skin condition you can think of. But what products work, which can be trusted, and which ones are just giant wastes of money?

It’s all a giant guessing game. In reality, the best way to pick your skincare products is to turn to professionals, such as our team here at The Skin Center By CPS. We know skin and what will work for your skin type. We’re not going to sell products simply to make a sale. We are committed to helping you achieve your best skin health. We stand behind everything we offer, which is why we’ve researched and tested thousands of products and focus specifically on a few brands made specifically by physicians and skin care experts. SkinMedica is one of the exclusive brands we work with. And to illustrate why we’ve chosen SkinMedica as our premiere line, here are our top five products and what they do.

Check Out Some Of Our Top SkinMedica Products

SkinMedica TNS Advanced + Serum

Do you suffer from coarse wrinkles? Do you have texture issues that other products simply can’t address? Maybe you’ve noticed signs of sagging in recent months and are unsure what to do about it? TNS Advanced+ Serum is the product for you. This fragrance-free serum is designed to target your fine lines and poor skin texture, all while delivering results in as little as two weeks. And with continued use, you’ll see dramatically improved results through 24 weeks.

This product is clinically proven to improve sagging skin while targeting fine lines and wrinkles. Comprised of dual-chamber ingredients that, when combined, target your skin with a one-two punch. The first chamber includes a peptide complex for nourishing your skin, while the second chamber is packed with French flax seed, green microalgae, and marine extract to help support your skin’s ability to repair itself as well as boost collagen levels.

SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator

This is one of our absolute favorite hydrating serums. It is designed to immediately give you softer, smoother skin. It also attacks fine lines and wrinkles over time, enhancing texture and tone. So whether you are dealing with crow’s feet by your eyes or you have patchy, uneven skin tones, this is the kind of hydrator product you need to invest in.

HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator is made for all skin types. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) helps skin cells hold a thousand times more moisture than they can on their own. SkinMedica HA5 uses a proprietary blend of 5 different molecules of hyaluronic acid which provides a sustained release that helps skin retain moisture longer. This means, it doesn’t just temporarily attack your stubborn fine lines and then wear off, but instead, it continually nourishes and moisturizes the area throughout the day.

SkinMedica Neck Correct Cream

If you have noticed sagging skin and wrinkles around your neck, you’ve probably discovered that regular eye and face cream don’t address the neck issue properly. This Neck Correct Cream is specifically designed for use on the more complex skin on your neck. Neck Correct Cream helps prevent the visible signs of aging on the neck and helps address any current conditions you’re dealing with. The combination helps lift, firm, and smooth the skin on your neck, all while reducing dark spots and texture issues you might have.

Several beneficial ingredients are used within the Neck Correct Cream, including peptides, rice protein, lemon balm extract, Green Microalgae Extract, and Shiitake Mushroom Extract.

SkinMedica TNS Illuminating Eye Cream

When it comes to targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and patchy skin around the eyes, it is very important to use a product specifically designed for the eyes. The skin here is much thinner and more delicate than other areas of the face. TNS Illuminating Eye Cream is specifically designed to target these concerns around your eyes while improving your skin tone and appearance. It is best for anyone with either normal or combination skin types. If you have an extra oily skin type, you can contact our staff, and we’ll help you pick a more suitable eye care product for your skin type.

The TNS Illuminating Eye Cream uses boron nitride to optimize the diffusion effect of light, which reduces the appearance of dark circles and other discolorations. It also uses Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media (TNS), N-Hydroxysuccinimide, and Chrysin.

SkinMedica AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

You absolutely need a quality exfoliating cleanser in your skincare lineup. If you’re not ridding your skin of the dirt, oil, and other gunk that builds up for a day (or night), the rest of your skincare products can’t be as effective. The AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser is exactly the kind of product you’re looking for.

This cleanser will clear away dead skin and instantly improve your appearance. It also prepares your skin for the other products you’ll apply after cleansing. The cleanser also uses several important ingredients, including salicylic acid (a beta-hydroxy acid, or BHA), that helps with the exfoliation process. And to help minimize any irritation from the acid found within the cleanser, the product also contains Jojoba oil, which helps in the exfoliation and reduces irritation for all skin types. We recommend when using AHA/BHA Cleanser for the first time, incorporate slowly into your regimen as not to dry out your skin, strip the barrier function or cause irritation. A few times a week will suffice.

Improve Your Skin with SkinMedica Products Today

From providing clinical services here in our office to improving your skin while at home, our team at The Skin Center By CPS is here to provide you with the skincare services you need. Whether you’re wanting to treat wrinkles, tired-looking skin, discoloration, or any other issue, we have the services, and the products, to help. And if you want to pinpoint exactly what kind of care you need, give our team a call and set up an in-person consultation. 

We can then recommend the top SkinMedica products for your skin type, as well as the kind of procedures that will enhance your skin’s natural beauty as well. Contact us today. We can’t wait to begin working with you and your skin.