The Top 5 Skin Care Mistakes You’re Making That Will Age Your Skin

Most of us make some sort of an attempt to keep our face clean and moisturized, but sometimes that only covers a fraction of the care our delicate face and neck skin needs. This is very common in both men and women. Since we all have such unique skin care needs, it’s difficult to know what works for your skin. Not to mention, what skin care practices that might work for someone else’s skin can actually be a skin care mistake for you that will end up aging it quicker.

PROBLEM: You don’t understand your skin’s needs

SOLUTION:  Look beneath the surface and understand your needs – we recommend a complimentary assessment with the VISIA Skin Scanner.

WHY: The VISIA is an incredibly strong camera that allows you to see deep within the skin, revealing damage that you may not realize is hiding under the surface.  Being able to identify what issues are lurking will not only help you better determine where to spend your money when it comes to correcting your skin issues, but will allow you to understand how you should be protecting it from further damage.

FEATURES:  You can view issues such as broken capillaries, sun damage, clogged pores, wrinkles, and measure the effectiveness of your treatments when done over time.

PROBLEM: You wear a foundation with SPF to protect your skin from sun damage

SOLUTION: It’s imperative to wear a separate sunscreen under your makeup – we recommend SkinMedica’s Total Defense & Repair.

WHY: makeup with SPF will give you some protection, but it should be considered a complement to a regular application of sunscreen, not a replacement (and yes, this means even in the fall and winter months). Most makeup SPF is not photo-stable, meaning in about one hour it will stop working.  Also, many manufacturers limit the amount of SPF components in their makeup to prevent from compromising the wearability of their product.

FEATURES: lightweight, non-greasy formula feels great under makeup, broad spectrum means it protects not only against UVA, UVB but also infrared rays which cause the most cellular damage, comes in tinted and non-tinted versions, also has reparative anti-aging properties that help heal your skin from previous sun damage, has been shown to help minimize fine lines when used regularly.

PROBLEM: You only moisturize your skin when it feels dry

Solution: Preserve your skin year-round with a daily moisturizer – we recommend SkinMedica’s HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator.

WHY: Your skin needs moisture year round, even during the balmy summer months.  Moisture helps your skin stay supple, youthful, plump, and more elastic.  Also, without moisture, our body’s oil glands become overactive which can lead to extra oil production (shiny skin) and clogged pores. Also, dry skin causes inflammation and skin breakdown, causing fine lines and existing wrinkles to look worse.

FEATURES: HA5 not only provides 8 hours of hydration to the skin, but it also helps train your cells to hold onto more moisture over time, making your skin retain its youthful appearance.  It’s oil-free, comes out matte on the skin, can be applied over makeup, is a great makeup primer (was used backstage by makeup artists at New York’s Fashion Week for runway models), and visibly softens fine lines & wrinkles within the first 15 minutes.

PROBLEM: You’ve been a sun-worshipping goddess all your life, and now you’re starting to notice melasma (dark pigment) on your face.

SOLUTION: Enjoy youthful, even, spot-free skin with light therapy – we recommend Sciton’s Forever Young BBL (Broad Band Light) Therapy

WHY: This device targets brown and red pigments in the skin and pulls them to the surface.  They slough off over a period of a few days and your discoloration disappears, revealing a much more even, brighter skin tone.

FEATURES: This simple, lunchtime treatment allows you to zap away dark pigmentation or broken capillaries on the face, neck, chest, and hands.  There’s no downtime (you’re a little pink for a few hours) and in a few days, your skin will appear even and refreshed.  Also, (bonus!) patients who have regular BBL treatments have been shown to look younger over time thanks to increased collagen and elastin production.

PROBLEM: Years of expressing have caused deep lines and creases in your brow and around your eyes

SOLUTION: Release muscular tension while still being able to express with an injectable neurotoxin – we suggest Botox Cosmetic.

WHY: this popular neurotoxin helps release tense muscles around the upper face to prevent the skin from creasing and causing lines.  The sooner you start, the less correction you will need – Botox is being used more and more as a preventative and can help your skin appear to age more slowly over time.

FEATURES: Botox injections are painless and can easily be done on a lunch break.  They are safe, FDA approved, and immediately take years off your appearance by relaxing muscles and the overlying skin.  Most commonly treated areas are the forehead, brow furrow, crow’s feet, and upper lip for a “gummy smile.”