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Have you noticed areas on your face that no longer have a tight, firm hold? Maybe some sagging of the lower face, jawline, around the chin, and the neck? All of this is perfectly natural, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. As we begin to age, our body’s ability to repair itself slows, visible signs of aging begin to emerge, the effects cause drooping skin to appear. Several cosmetic procedures are designed to help with this, but most require you to go under anesthesia to correct the problem area.

A thread lift, however, is different. It is an office procedure and you’re awake the entire time (although some local anesthetic is used to numb the target area prior to treatment). To help you better understand what a thread lift is and what to expect, here is what you need to know.

What is a Thread Lift?

The name very much says what the procedure is. A special cosmetic thread is used to treat the target area. A pre-threaded needle is inserted underneath the visible layers of skin to grasp, lift and suspend the facial area. Once the desired effect is achieved the suture is secured into place providing long-lasting results. Over time, the thread will eventually dissolve, leaving behind tighter, smoother, more youthful skin.


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What does a Thread Lift Do?

The initial benefit of a thread lift, aside from not needing to be put under for the procedure, is it tightens the skin around the target area. Even better, there is a secondary, longer-term benefit to a thread lift. Because the threads penetrate into the dermal tissue, they trigger a natural cell response causing your skin to begin repairing itself. The body will send nutrient-rich building blocks to address the damage. Over time new collagen and fibrous tissue are created to form new skin where the drooping area once existed, so in many ways, the threading treatment stimulates the body to correct the problem.

A thread lift should be considered if the sagging is minimal and without excess skin. You may not be ready to go for a full facelift yet, but you would like to begin addressing the drooping. A thread lift is an excellent choice. Another benefit of a thread lift is because it’s performed under local anesthetic, you can drive yourself home after the procedure and go about your day.

Common Side Effects

Before scheduling any kind of cosmetic procedure, it’s always important to understand what side effects you may experience. With a thread lift, the common side effects are minimal and generally resolved after a few days (if you experience them at all).

You may feel some soreness around the treated area. Being a suture placed under the skin it may initially cause some discomfort and, in some cases, inflammation. However, this is natural and any discomfort you experience will not last long.

Redness is another common side effect, and some clients have reported itching. Itching may occur as the skin begins to repair itself. It is important to avoid scratching at the treated area to avoid possibly tearing apart the thread. Much like the redness and slight discomforts, this is something that will go away in a short amount of time.

How Long Does It Take?

One of the main benefits of a thread lift in Charlotte, NC treatment is the minimal amount of time you need to dedicate to your day. With a traditional facelift you not only will need to take the entire day off for the procedure, but you’ll likely need several days to weeks of rest and recovery at home before returning to work. That is not the case with a thread lift. First, a localized anesthetic will be applied to the area, once that takes effect, the entire process will take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. Typically, the procedure takes no more than an hour.

Once the procedure is complete you may leave and go about your day. Because you were not given any pain medications or put under you are perfectly safe driving to work or home. Of course, if you would like someone to pick you up that is fine as well.

Just make sure to monitor your treated area for the next several days. Should you have any questions regarding redness or side effects, you can contact the staff at The Skin Center by CPS.


Real Patients , Real Results

Schedule Your Thread Lift Consultation Today

If a thread lift sounds like something you might be interested in, now is the perfect time to schedule a consultation. Here at The Skin Center by CPS, we will review your personal treatment goals, provide you in-depth information, and offer realistic expectations to help you decide whether this is the best treatment option for you. We will gladly suggest alternatives if this is not the optimal way to treat your particular target area. We are here to help you achieve all your skincare goals. Give us a call today and schedule your thread lift consultation.

We look forward to speaking with you soon about threads and all our Charlotte NC services.

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