Say Hello to SkinMedica Chemical Peels!

You’ve made the decision. This summer you are going to take steps to improve the appearance and texture of your facial skin. In addition to your daily skin care product regimen, it’s time to consider the benefits of monthly chemical peels to target a broad range of skin problems. At The Skin Center, we offer SkinMedica chemical peels that can help you tackle the following:

  •  Minimize fine lines and wrinkles.
  •  Erase visible effects of sun damage.
  •  Soften the appearance of acne scars.
  •  Even out “blotchy” skin tone and reduce the size of pores.

Sounds great, right? Before your appointment, let us guide you through more information from our Skin Health Specialists about the different peels available at The Skin Center.


Using a variety of acids such as alpha hydroxy, including glycolic and lactic acids and beta hydroxy acid, the SkinMedica Family of Peels offers a variety of solutions designed to address each individual’s skin challenges. Select from three options to find out which one is the most appropriate for your skin type and goals.

skinmedica chemical peels

Illuminize Peel

When preparing for an event, you want to look your very best. This formula results in minimal peeling directly after the procedure while reducing the visible signs of sun damage, uneven skin tone, and smoothing fine lines. Surely a great option for the mother of the bride, just before your high school reunion or when preparing to accept an award with the media present.

Vitalize Peel

Perhaps you have a daily facial regimen that helps to reduce the signs of age through scrubs, masks, and moisturizers. Now it’s time to treat yourself to a more intense treatment that will bring bright and youthful skin to the surface. The SkinMedia Vitalize Peel will remove the outer layers damaged through years of exposure to the elements and reveal the blemish free surface hidden by time. Appropriate for acne-prone and sun-damaged skin types, expect to experience significant peeling for about a week after the procedure.

Rejuvenize Peel

For the person desiring the most dramatic change in facial skin appearance, this peel reaches the deepest into the superficial layers of the skin to bring the fresh and youthful layer forward. This peel is intended for the individual regularly practicing an active skin rejuvenation regimen. The peel will target moderate to severe acne scars, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and reduce the appearance of blotchy skin due to melasma. The patient will see peeling begin a couple of days after treatments and last up to a week.

Whether you are seeking to give your self-image a boost through brightening of your complexion, are preparing for a major life event or simply wish to sweep away the damage left from a lifetime of outdoor indulgence, a skin peel can be the right solution.

When ready to speak with one of our Skin Health Specialists to discuss scheduling a Charlotte chemical peel, don’t hesitate to call The Skin Center at (704) 372-6846 or  schedule a consultation!