A Heart Warming Surprise for A Local Charlotte Teacher

Teachers go to great lengths to help all of our children. They are often dipping into their own pocketbooks to purchase school supplies and you can almost always find your child’s teacher staying after school, helping students, and doing whatever they can to enrich the lives of those they educate. While most of us have always appreciated what teachers do, it is now, during the current shelter-in-place recommendations by the government and the shuttering of schools, that parents far and wide now truly understand just how incredible teachers are. And that is exactly why community members are now looking for ways to give back and show teachers just how much they are appreciated just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week starting Monday, May 4, 2020. If you caught the local WCCB News broadcast here in Charlotte, you might have seen such a heartwarming surprise. But if not, here is everything you need to know about what happened.

Teachers Going the Extra Mile

During a recent broadcast, WCCB was interviewing the parent of two students who attend Windsor Park Elementary School, and a second-grade teacher at the school, Paris Harrell. During the interview, the parent discussed some of the difficulties she has had trying to keep her two children focused. She also talked about how much she missed having the ability to send her children to school. It truly is people who don’t really understand what they have until it is no longer an option. Thankfully, Paris Harrell discussed not only how parents can work with their children, but she also talked about how much she missed going into class and seeing her own students every day.

Paris has continued to do what she can in order to stay in contact with her students while providing some lessons to parents, but conducting video chats and emailing instructions to all parents and students has been a challenge for her (as well as most other teachers around the country).

In the current climate, teachers around the country are going the extra mile to provide their students with the very best learning material possible, and while it isn’t a desirable situation for everyone, teachers, parents, and students alike all understand the need to remain home.

teacher appreciation week

Showing Teachers They Are Appreciated

With teachers like Paris Harrell going the extra mile and doing everything in their power to provide continued education for their students, parents and companies around the country are looking for ways to give back to these teachers.

WCCB shared a link through their broadcast website where anyone who is interested can go and purchase some coffee for their teachers. The coffee is purchased through a local Charlotte company and then delivered to the teachers. This is just a simple way for anyone to give back not only to teachers but to the local coffee companies as well. If you are reading this and are interested in sending coffee to a favorite teacher (you don’t even need to be a parent or a student to do this), you can head over to the WCCB website and there will be additional information for how you can do this.

Surprising Paris Harrell

During the on-air interview, second-grade teacher Paris Harrell was surprised with an over $200 gift basket from The Skin Center by CPS. The Skin Center fully appreciates what teachers throughout the community are doing. Many of the staff members have children of their own who attend school and they will all attest that greater Charlotte has some of the best teachers, not only in the state but in the country. Paris was completely surprised and taken back by the skincare product gift basket, which contained a number of items, including SkinMedica® TNS Essential Serum, hydrating cleansing cloths, ALASTIN Skincare® restorative eye treatment, the LUMIVIVE System (both day and night serums), plus a number of other products as well.

We’re All In This Together

Nobody asked for the current situation. It has been a truly humbling experience where we have all watched businesses close and schools shut down. While we all anxiously wait for the return of some normalcy, the best thing we can hope for is for this situation to bring us all closer together as people. We will always have differences of opinion, but that’s fine. It’s what makes this country and this state such an amazing place to live. COVID-19 has, in many ways, brought out the very best in people, because it doesn’t matter what walk of life we come from, we are all people in the Charlotte community. And that is exactly why we at The Skin Center want to help do our part and, at the very least, tip our cap to teachers who are doing amazing things in this beautiful city.

If you would like to purchase a gift card for a service at The Skin Center by CPS for your children’s teacher to show your appreciation and participate during the week of Teacher Appreciation, then contact us today so we can arrange the gift card and delivery for you!