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One of the most common questions asked here at The Skin Center by CPS is regarding skincare products. With so many brands out there, it can be overwhelming to know what is what. Many of the low-cost drugstore brands are not only low-cost they are low in deliverance. Most drugstore products are deficient in active ingredients while packed with additives and chemicals, while other brands boast ‘secret ingredients’, or cost hundreds of dollars per ounce, making it near to impossible to try out. Everyone’s skin is unique and will react differently to products. What keeps your BFF’s skin clear from breakouts may be exactly what causes your skin to turn red, feel sensitive and peel. However, it’s easier to identify what will work best for you when you choose a quality skincare line that is committed to the science of healthy skin. That is why we always recommend ZO Skin Health.

What Is ZO Skin Health

Zein Obagi, MD, created ZO Skin Health. Through his nearly four decades in the skincare industry, the board-certified dermatologist was dedicated to the utilization of science, clinically proven ingredients, and technology to determine how best to treat the skin. To do this, ZO Skin Health products are constantly changing and improving, taking advantage of the latest research and technology regarding skin health. Everything is tested and bioengineered to create unique products that simply cannot be duplicated by other companies. Dr. Zein Obagi set out to create skin that is healthy, youthful, and vibrant.

ZO Skin Health is an industry leader, respected and recommended within the medical community worldwide, now the top Physician recommended medical skincare brand in the European Union, quickly taking over top spots in Japan, Australia, and the US. And all of this in just over 15 years when the skincare brand first launched in select markets around the United States to make a name for itself. Since then, it has spread to over 100 countries. That should be good news if you’re someone that likes to travel, or if you’re considering an international move, as chances are you’ll still be able to find ZO Skin Health products wherever you move to.

If you have further questions about the brand, we are here to address them.

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ZO Skin Health Solutions

What’s great about ZO Skin Health, and why we not only recommend these products but use the products ourselves, is that ZO optimizes skin health. ZO Skin Health offers a wide range of corrective lines, with exclusive formulations and unique delivery systems ranging from therapeutics such as melasma, rosacea, acne, anti-aging, and many more to treating almost every skin condition, every skin type, and every skin color. It isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to fine lines or acne. There are different treatment options, depending on your skin, lifestyle, age, and other factors. If you are wondering how to learn your skin type, we can help you. Book a consultation with one of our skilled professionals. 

ZO Skin Health products are only sold through medical practices. In Charlotte both of our locations, uptown Charlotte and Ballantyne have a full complement of ZO products. ZO Skin Health products may also be purchased at dermatology practices, or directly from the ZO website. You will need to visit an established ZO Skin Health provider prior to purchasing online to ensure the products you are selecting are the most beneficial for your skin. You’ll find this company has one of the largest selections of treatment regimens for anti-aging, brightening, acne, redness, hydration, sensitive skin, and sun protection. Minimal product regimens from morning face routine order to night routine that deliver powerful results. 

While reviewing individual treatment options, you’ll find several products available to treat your areas of concern. For example, anti-aging, ZO Skin Health offers several options to customize the perfect regimen for you. Most effective for anti-aging are Daily Power Defense, Firming Serum, Growth Factor Serum, Wrinkle + Texture Repair, Radical Night Repair, 10% Vitamin C Self-Activation, Exfoliation Accelerator, Instant Pore Refiner, and others.

Helping You Find What Works

Of course, with so many options when shopping for ZO Skin Health products, you may find it a bit overwhelming to know exactly what’s best for you. After all, while you know your skin, you may not be as familiar with how to treat it, especially if there is a specific condition you’re dealing with. That is where our staff of professionally trained skin health experts can help. We will analyze your skin, determine your skin type and its current condition, review your lifestyle habits, your diet, and your health history, and any medications. This comprehensive skin health assessment will help us determine any underlying factors that may be contributing to the condition you may be struggling with and how best to treat it. All of this is possible with a single consultation visit.

Know What Skincare Products You Should Invest Your Money In

We often find people use skin care products their skin either doesn’t need or won’t respond to. Sometimes you want a product that’s specifically for clearing out blocked pores or for minimizing fine lines, but the active ingredients in one particular product might not be something that works for you. It’s not just about what a product treats but how it goes about treating it. 

Let us help take the guesswork out of your skincare product search. Our team of professional skin health experts will review your areas of concern and teach you how to take care of your skin in your 30s. So, whether it’s a skincare product from ZO Skin Health or one of the many beneficial skin health services we provide in-office, our staff at The Skin Center by CPS is here for you. Give us a call today, and we’ll help you discover the optimal home skin care regimen for better skin tomorrow.

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