Postpartum Skin Care Tips to Take Note Of

Pregnancy is a beautiful, life-changing event. However, the process of bringing a new life into the world causes plenty of emotional and physical changes in a woman. Some of the most drastic changes happen to the skin and hair, and getting back to pre-pregnancy states can seem like a faraway dream for many women. Getting to a satisfactory state is achievable, though, especially if you know what skin issues to expect and if you’re ready to commit to a mommy makeover.

How does a delivery change your skin?

People’s skin changes after delivery. Some women come out of giving birth with smooth, glowing skin. For others, the changes are not as positive. When moms focus on giving special care to a newborn child, her personal needs take a backseat. It means many new mothers neglect their skincare routines. These skin conditions could worsen, especially if post-partum depression sets in.

What are the common post-delivery skin issues?

The drastic weight gain and loss cause stretch marks to appear on most pregnant women. Post-delivery, these marks will not completely go away, but they can lighten over time. Pigmentation is also a concern for new mothers—stress can cause brownish spots to develop on the face, which can clear up quickly with a mild cleanser.

Melasma or chloasma could also develop, causing dark patches to form on the face. This happens because of pregnancy hormones, which naturally decrease after the woman gives birth. Apart from dark patches, a new mother could also have acne breakouts, dark under-eye circles, and puffy eyes, which are also from hormonal changes. Women who had just given birth might also have sensitive skin and feel irritated from chlorine, detergent, and sun exposure.

Apart from surface skin conditions, many women report excess skin and fat after giving birth. Even months after recovery, these issues persist, and some mothers never get rid of these entirely. A tummy tuck would revert these—coupled with proper diet and exercise, it’s possible to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight after this cosmetic procedure.

Are there at-home skincare remedies for new moms?

You can reduce skin problems that occur right after pregnancy by making small adjustments to your lifestyle. For one, you can prevent further skin damage by staying out of the sun or wearing sunscreen and covering up when you do need to be outdoors. Staying hydrated and washing your face regularly also keeps hormones and excess oil in check. 

Eating leafy green vegetables and taking multivitamins can also improve the texture of your skin. A healthy, timely diet is vital in bringing back the softness and glow of your skin. Exercise and sleep also help—although challenging for new mothers, they must get enough of both. Consult your healthcare provider about which exercises are safe for people who had just given birth. Finally, it always helps to maintain skincare routines—vitamin E serums, lotions with jojoba oil, and other skin-softening products certainly help.

Are there other skin treatments?

If the problems persist, you can ask your doctor if you need skin treatments. If you have acne, it’s vital to establish a CTS routine—cleansing, toning, and moisturizing will help you keep your breakouts under control. For pigmentation, use sunscreen, even when staying indoors. An SPF 15 sunscreen is suitable if you’re staying in the shade. If you plan on being outside for a short time, use an SPF 30 sunscreen, and if you’re planning on being outdoors for a while, use an SPF 50 formula. Under-eye cream, Vitamin E- rich oils, and anti-stretch mark creams can also address other skin issues.

For loose skin, you could go for a mini-tummy tuck. This procedure involves a single incision that removes excess skin above the pubic mound, common among women who had just given birth. Since this is an invasive treatment, it’s necessary to check in with an OB-GYN specialist to see when you could have this earliest.


Mothers-to-be anticipate that their lives would change after they give birth. Sometimes, though, they don’t anticipate the extent of that change; one thing that surprises many women is the change they observe in their skin texture. Thankfully, there are treatments for post-partum skin issues—from home remedies to skin rejuvenation programs, new moms have plenty of choices to help them rewind the clock.

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