Professional non-surgical skin tightening vs at-home skin tightening

There are some fantastic at-home skin tightening products out there. But can these products stack up to non-surgical skin tightening services? When you want to look your very best you need to invest in the very best. At-home skin tightening products can often cost just as much, if not more than the professional services, so the price point between the two often isn’t as much as you might think. Ultimately it comes down to the results and which delivers. Here is what you need to know about professional non-surgical skin tightening vs at home skin tightening products.

at home skin tightening

At Home Skin Tightening

There are a number of exceptional products out there. Individual products will target specific issues and specified areas of your body. As you’re looking to tighten the skin you’ll want to search for skin tightening at-home products.

Is it important to select products designed for a set body part? Almost always yes. The skin under your eyes is far thinner than the skin around your neck. Because of this, the makeup of the product is different. Absorption in these areas differs as well. So if you’re shopping around for a particular product always look for something that is designed just for that area.

Additionally, it is often a good idea to invest in a smaller, sample size of the product first, whenever possible. Not all brands offer a sample size, but ideally, you’ll at least go with the smallest size first. Some people’s skin will react negatively to a certain product. It might be too harsh for their skin, it might have an ingredient they are allergic to, or some other issue altogether. Whatever problem there is, you don’t want to drop a few hundred dollars on a product you can’t use more than a few times.

Most at-home skin tightening products are used to help moisturize a given area and then support the production of new collagen and elastin. The tightening of skin and the production of additional skin cells will help with the appearance. It may also help even out some skin tones.

When shopping around you’ll want to see if you can use one product in conjunction with others. Generally speaking, you probably use more than one product, especially at night. You might want to use a heavier moisturizer cream with a skin tightening product. Most products will tell you if it is possible for you to use the particular at-home skin tightening topical item.

In terms of actual products, we enjoy the Restorative products from Alastin Skincare®. There are individual products made for your neck, face, around the eye, and so on. This way you can select the product best for your particular area of need (the Restorative Eye Treatment was named a “Best Beauty Buys 2020 by InStyle magazine).

The main benefit to the at-home skin tightening products is that most will work in conjunction with non-surgical skin tightening treatment and prolong the results. Essentially you’ll extend the length of time you get to enjoy the visual improvements before you need to schedule a follow-up service. This can be especially beneficial if it means you can cut down the number of services you receive every year (not to mention it frees up some time in your schedule).

Professional Non-Surgical Skin Tightening

The biggest knock on at-home skin tightening services is that it only hits the top layer of your skin. It doesn’t seep deeper, which is actually where most of the cellular production takes place. This is the sweet spot when it comes to producing new collagen, elastin, and other necessary cells. Because the topical product can only go so far the results it is capable of delivering is limited.

With non-surgical skin tightening services, such as those offered at The Skin Center by CPS, you have access to services that go deeper into your skin in order to stimulate these deeper areas and improve the cellular production. Profound RF, for example, uses a radio wave that can pass through your top layers of skin and stimulate the deeper area. Because it is a radio wave it will not scar the top layers or require any kind of extensive recovery or downtime.

This kind of a skincare service will not only give you quicker results, but longer lasting. With any kind of topical product you will need to continually use it. Once you stop using it the results will begin to fade. With a non-surgical skin tightening procedure you will need to occasionally come in for follow ups, but you can space these out and not have to worry about applying a product to your face every day specifically for skin tightening if you don’t want to.

There are other kinds of skin tightening services available through The Skin Center, depending on your particular needs. You might want to consider CoolSculpting®, as this can help tighten problem areas such as around your neck and chin. There are fillers and Botox® injections, which can do anything from fill in the wrinkles to tightening the muscles around the injection points, which will help prevent wrinkles as well as improve the smoothness of your skin.

With so many options, there is a professional non-surgical skin tightening treatment that will help you achieve your beauty goals.

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