Non-surgical Body Contouring with CoolTone™ Device

Body contouring has come a long way in recent years. Now you can have fat removed and muscles tightened all without invasive surgeries. CoolSculpting ® is one method that has become especially popular, offering patients the ability to remove fat cells in stubborn areas by freezing the fat, all without any kind of surgical procedure. And now, from the same makers of CoolSculpting® (and Botox®) is CoolTone. This is a new form of body contouring, only this time instead of targeting stubborn fat cells CoolTone™ is used to tighten muscle tissue around the body, especially the thighs, butt, and abs. If you’ve been looking for ways to tighten and tone these common problem areas now is the time to consider CoolTone™.

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Non-Surgical Body Contouring Options

There are plenty of non-surgical body contouring options available. The right option comes down to where you want to be tightened and toned or what portion of the body you would like to remove fat from. 

CoolSculpting®, for example, is one such option. This method of body contouring doesn’t require any surgery. It freezes fat cells which, eventually, kills the fat cells and the body rids itself of the dead tissue. This is an excellent way to help remove a double chin or problem areas around the body where you have that pesky layer of fat that doesn’t want to go away. 

Profound RF® (short for radio-frequency) uses a radio-frequency to help tighten skin and to help improve collagen production within specific areas of the body. This is an excellent form of body contouring when you have loose skin around your mouth (often referred to as jowls).

CoolTone™, on the other hand, is not used to remove wrinkles or to rid your body of fat. Instead, it is used to tighten and tone certain areas of the body. This method will use an electromagnetic method to stimulate the muscles, which forces the muscle tissue to expand and contract involuntarily. While there are a few variations of this kind of procedure, CoolTone™ is the most powerful, and as such delivers the best results. By forcing the muscle tissue to expand and contract it will improve blood flow and oxygen to the areas. It will also help tighten and harden the muscle tissues. Some slight growth might occur, but if you’re looking to avoid bulking up don’t worry, you won’t put on that kind of muscle mass. To increase the size of your muscle tissue you need to damage the fibers and the increase protein consumption, which allows your body to repair and rebuild the muscles. CoolTone™ simply tightens the muscles. 

Does Non-Surgical Body Contouring Work?

Absolutely these kinds of non-surgical body contouring methods work. You can remove stubborn fat from certain areas, tighten the skin around the face or tighten and tone muscle tissue. 

With that said you might need to make some slight adjustments to your diet and lifestyle. For example, CoolTone™ will help tighten and tone your muscles. However, if you do not exercise these areas of the body the muscle tissue will eventually begin to soften. This is no different than if you work out and suddenly stop. So while all of these non-surgical body contouring procedures do work, you may need to make some slight alterations to your health regimen, diet, or workout routine if you want to prolong the results of these body contouring procedures. 

Each non-surgical body contour method is a little different from the next, so you’ll want to talk to your Skin Center professional about what to expect. And oftentimes, the length of time for which any given service lasts may not be fully known the first time through. With CoolSculpting®, for example, you may need several additional sessions, although the exact number will not be known until at least the final results of the first session are achieved. 

Non-Surgical Body Contouring With CoolTone™ Device

The CoolTone™device is straight forward and can be performed in an office at the The Skin Center by CPS. The device comes in two parts. There is a main station, which is rolled about on wheels. This is no larger than an office trash can. Attached to it is a wand-like device that looks like a flat mirror you might hold to see the back of your head. 

During the CoolTone™ procedure, the wand will be placed onto the area of your body you are looking to tighten. It will be held in this one are for a short period before adjusted slightly to a different location. It is important to focus on the different areas of the muscle group to make sure it is evenly worked on. Many muscles will have several muscle heads, which are often broken down into even smaller muscle groups. Each of these muscle groups needs to be worked the same amount. If not, it may result in some parts of the muscle growing larger than other parts. 

For example, if you are focusing on your thighs, the front of your legs are the quadriceps, which are made up of four primary muscle heads. Along the back of your legs right under your butt are the hamstrings. There are three muscle groups within the hamstrings. So, when focusing on your thighs, you will need to work for seven main muscle groups on each leg to ensure each is tightened and toned evenly. 

This is a procedure you can repeat several times during the week. It is recommended to give at least 48 hours in between sessions, but you can come in for two or so sessions per week. Unlike other non-surgical body contouring methods, you don’t need to wait for results. You will begin to feel the results almost instantly and see the results after a few sessions. 

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CoolTone™ like CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive procedure that is perfect for tightening and toning up the problem areas around your body, especially your butt, thighs, and abs. If you want to know more about CoolTone™ and how it may work for you, now is the perfect time to schedule a consultation with the Skin Center professionals at The Skin Center by CPS