4 Myths About Laser Treatments You Should Stop Believing

You may think that getting a tan is the best way to get the healthy glow you have always wanted. However, excessive sun exposure can take a toll on your skin and cause dark spots, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

If your facial skin shows signs of aging and lacks vibrancy, you can restore your younger-looking appearance by getting a laser treatment. For instance, the Halo laser treatment is effective in rejuvenating your skin and correcting sun damage.

What makes this procedure different from any other laser treatment is it is a dual fractional laser. It uses two wavelengths of light to eliminate imperfections on the surface while removing sun damage deep within your skin. As a result, you can look healthier and more youthful after the treatment.

While this kind of cosmetic procedure helps you attain rejuvenated skin, you may feel doubtful about getting it because of misconceptions surrounding it. To help you make better-informed decisions and enjoy its benefits, here are some common myths about laser treatments you should stop believing:

Myths About Laser Treatments You Should Stop Believing

Myth #1: They are painful

Laser treatments like Halo may cause a mild heat with a tingling sensation. While you may experience slight discomfort, they are not too painful to tolerate. Your aesthetician will also apply a topical anesthetic on your skin to reduce potential pain or discomfort, and the laser itself has a cooling mechanism that reduces heat. Therefore, you can expect to have a comfortable treatment experience.

Myth #2: They are not worth my money

Even though you use the most expensive or the best skincare products, signs of aging are still bound to appear on your skin. The most effective way to delay the aging process and eliminate your imperfections is to invest in laser treatments. Doing this lets you improve your skin’s overall texture and tone, get rid of discoloration, reduce your pore size and fine lines, and enjoy a healthy glow.

Myth #3: They are harsh on my skin

Ablative laser treatments vaporize your skin’s outer layers to destroy cells and promote new growth. In contrast, non-ablative laser treatments heat up your skin’s underlying deep layers to encourage collagen production and elastin growth.

By getting Halo laser treatment, you can take advantage of ablative and non-ablative technology’s benefits. It minimizes skin damage, addresses a wide range of skin concerns, and offers no harsh side effecsts than traditional ablative laser treatments.

Myth #4: They have harmful side effects

The only so-called negative side effects you may experience from getting laser treatments are feeling warm for several minutes after the treatment, especially on the skin. You may also witness peeling on your face within the first 24 hours and expect to have a lightly bronzed complexion for five to seven days after treatment. Eventually, these side effects will subside, and you can experience having a boost of confidence as your healthy skin resurfaces!


Your skin may suffer from damage due to excessive sun exposure, but you can say goodbye to signs of aging and other imperfections by getting laser treatments. By remembering the debunked myths listed above and stopping believing in them, you can have a more comfortable and hassle-free laser treatment experience and enjoy having smoother, younger skin in no time!

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