Trend Alert: Brotox and the Top Male Botox Injection Sites

Age has a way of creeping up on all of us. And, whatever you might have heard, it is not only women who want to do something about it. Plenty of men around the country see fine lines and wrinkles creep up and want to do something about it. Maybe you’ve been taking care of your skin from a young age, so you’re accustomed to doing whatever you can to improve your complexion and look. Or perhaps you are only now discovering the importance of daily hydration, moisturizing, and skincare products. Whatever boat you might find yourself in, there are cosmetic options available for men. This includes Botox.

Some like to use the fun, cheeky reference of “Brotox”, but we can assure you it’s the same product we use on anyone else who is looking to tighten skin and fill in wrinkles. So, if you’re curious, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

In fact, to help, here are the top male Botox injection sites that our staff and other Botox professionals around the country have seen and administered in recent years.

Top Male Botox Injection Sites

The top male botox injection sites include:

Crow’s Feet

Similar to your female counterpart, tightening crow’s feet is one of the most common target spots for men. This is some of the thinnest skin of the entire body and, because of this, it breaks down faster and will begin to show wrinkles sooner than most other areas of the body. It will start with slender creases and, over time, begin to develop into thicker wrinkles. The sooner you target this area, the better off you are. It will not only reduce or completely eliminate the look of crow’s feet right now, but it will also cut down on the chance of the wrinkles turning into something more significant later on down the road.

Forehead Creases

Forehead lines can develop into especially thick creases. If you have an expression-filled face, you likely have an increased chance of developing these thick forehead creases. You might have one, two, three, or more long forehead creases that run from one side of the forehead to the other. These will form from the rising and falling of your eyebrows. Whether you use your eyebrows for your expressions or your brows raise while you laugh, whatever the cause may be, forehead creases are some of the most common issues men deal with. Much like other areas around the body, the sooner you begin treating this area of your face and wrinkles, the better off you’ll be in preventing further creases from developing.

Frown Lines

These lines will run perpendicular to forehead creases. Sometimes they can even cross over forehead creases. If you watch certain older sporting coaches, you’ll probably see these kinds of lines on their faces (because they are constantly frowning and yelling while on the court). Frown lines do form when you are frowning, but there are several other facial expressions where the frown lines will develop.

If you squint a good deal, this can happen as well. The frown lines will run up and down right between your eyebrows. These lines will begin as small lines and can begin to grow up through your forehead as you age if you’re not careful. One of the good things about treating certain frown lines is it is easy enough to target forehead creases as well, as they will likely be running through each other. Whatever the case may be, if you look at yourself in the mirror and see frown lines, you should give us a call (and make sure to stay hydrated, use a daily moisturizer with SPF in it, and put on sunglasses whenever you are out in the sun to limit the amount of squinting you do).


Maybe you need Botox, and it doesn’t have anything to do with your wrinkles. So why would you need it? If you experience excessive sweating to the point you always have moisture dripping down your face or soaking up your shirts, you might suffer from something known as hyperhidrosis. One of the best ways to treat this is with Botox. Botox can tighten the areas around your body that experience excessive sweating and greatly reduce the amount of sweat your body produces in that area.

Pesky Laugh Lines

Don’t you just hate that you are punished for laughing? Maybe you can see why you might develop wrinkles and creases from frowning too much. It’s life’s way of telling you to laugh a little bit more, and yet you can develop wrinkles and creases from laughing and smiling too much. That’s frustrating. Thankfully you don’t need to accept these lines as fact.

With our help, you can take care of these lines and restore your face back to its youthful look. You shouldn’t be forced to let laughter cause you stress or frustration when looking in the mirror. Instead, you should enjoy what you look like and feel confident without covering your face whenever you laugh because you don’t want people around you to see the laugh lines. We will make sure this is a thing of the past with Botox injections to tighten this area up.

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