How To Remove Belly Fat Without Surgery

If you have stubborn belly fat that no amount of diet and exercise seems to eliminate, you don’t have to live with it. You can achieve an improved abdominal outline with the help of non-surgical body sculpting procedures.

You will find various options at The Skin Center by CPS. We will help you to solve the problem of how to remove belly fat without surgery.

When Should You Seek Non-Surgical Options to Remove Belly Fat?

The best way to improve your physique and overall health is through regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. While this process can take months to show results, your efforts will pay off.

However, for many people, genetics can impact the effect that dieting and exercise will have on your appearance. While some people can get defined abs from working out alone, you may find that a layer of stubborn belly fat remains over your abdominal muscles, keeping you from achieving that toned look you really want.

If you work out regularly and watch your diet but still have a layer of fat hiding your abs like a bulky sweater, you may want to consider cosmetic options to improve your appearance.

Ways to Remove Belly Fat Without Surgery

The go-to choice for removing stubborn belly fat for years has been liposuction. While effective, it does require surgery. Today, you can eliminate that fat without going under the knife. Innovative treatments can help to reveal the firm, more defined abs you’ve developed through diet and exercise. Learn more about how CoolSculpting and CoolTone can help you get rid of fat and tighten your abs.


CoolSculpting® freezes fat cells in your abs to remove belly fat without liposuction. In fact, for many patients, CoolSculpting® is a much less expensive and less invasive option than liposuction. If your goal is fat removal from your abdomen, consider scheduling a consultation for the CoolSculpting procedure.

How CoolSculpting® Works

The abdomen has many vital organs that need protection. Therefore, your abdominal muscles lie under a protective layer of fat. The problem with this anatomy is that the fat layer hides your abdominal muscles, so even with extensive dieting and exercise, you cannot see defined abs.

CoolSculpting® works to kill off fat cells by using targeted cold that does not harm the skin. Once the fat cells freeze, they crystallize, and the body will eliminate them over time. The natural processing and elimination of the frozen fat cells means that you’ll see results over the next three to four months, so no one needs to know that you had CoolSculpting® to reduce belly fat.

This safe and effective method gets rid of up to 25% of the fat cells in a treated area, which helps you to finally get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

Getting CoolSculpting® Treatment

The treatment process for CoolSculpting® is simple. Most patients need at least two treatments that last up to 45 minutes each. Talk to your provider about your personalized treatment regimen. You may need extra time if you choose to treat multiple areas at the same time as your abs.

While you have the CoolSculpting® applicator in place, we invite you to relax, watch a movie, browse the internet, or read a book. Some patients find the process comfortable enough to take a nap!

Unlike liposuction, which is invasive and requires recovery time, CoolSculpting® allows you to return to work and resume your regular activities as soon as your appointment is over.


The CoolTone™ system comes from the manufacturer of CoolSculpting®, Botox and Juvederm and is an FDA-cleared method to improve the appearance of areas including abdominal muscles, thighs, and buttocks. 

The CoolTone™ system works differently from CoolSculpting® by improving muscle tone. When paired together, CoolSculpting® and  CoolTone™ are highly effective. With less belly fat covering the abdomen your toned muscles are more visible and defined.

How CoolTone™ Differs from CoolSculpting®

CoolTone™ works out your abs muscles with Magnetic Muscle Stimulation, also known as MMS. This system causes the muscles in the abs, or other treated areas, to contract and relax, much the same as they would during a workout. Essentially, CoolTone™ works your abs to give you a more toned appearance.

One of the biggest concerns with using CoolTone™ is whether it will make the muscles bulky. This cannot happen because muscle bulk comes from using heavy weights. Heavier weights break down muscle fibers, which enlarge as they heal. 

The CoolTone™ system simply uses natural muscle contractions to tighten and tone the muscle fibers instead of damaging them. As a result, you have toned muscles instead of bulk created from this system.

The biggest thing to understand about CoolTone™ is that it does not remove body fat from the abdomen. Instead, it makes your muscles toned and appear sleeker.

The CoolTone™ Treatment Process

You can choose to have CoolTone™ improve the appearance of muscles in your abs, thighs, or butt. The treatment process for each area is similar. However, to lessen the appearance of belly fat, you’ll want CoolSculpting® done on your abs first.

For CoolTone™ body sculpting, you will first consult with a provider to determine the recommended number of treatments to meet your individual goals. Most people need between four and eight treatments delivered over two to four weeks to achieve results.

Each treatment only lasts 30 minutes, so you can get better muscle tone with treatments that fit into your lunch break. Once you finish the treatment, you may experience temporary soreness similar to what you would feel after an intensive abdominal workout. This soreness means that the system is effective at working your abs to make them more toned.

In some people who menstruate, having CoolTone™ body sculpting over the abdomen close to the period can trigger the cycle to start early or cause more intense menstrual cramps. If you have concerns about these effects, talk to your provider to schedule CoolTone™ at a time that doesn’t fall near your menstruation period.

After a month, you should see definitive results in the muscles of your abs. While CoolTone™ body sculpting doesn’t remove fat, it gives you the appearance of having less fat on your abs by tightening the muscles in that area.

If you want to remove fat, too, use CoolTone™ with CoolSculpting® to reduce belly fat while improving your muscle tone. These two paired together will give you the best results of a tighter, more toned abdomen with less fat over the muscles.

How to Get the Most from Your Results

To ensure that your results last, keep up the excellent work that you’ve already started by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

If you choose CoolTone to tighten your abs, you’ll need additional treatments to maintain your results. When coupled with diet and exercise, the CoolTone™ maintenance treatments will give you the most lasting results.

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