How to Reduce a Double Chin: KYBELLA® vs CoolSculpting®

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what is the first thing you notice your chin and neck area? The dreaded double chin is as frustrating as it is common. You may have attempted exercise to rid the extra skin under your chin, but this isn’t always going to work. You can’t control where your body burns fat from, so your body will burn through calorie storage in different ways. 

However, because your chin does not store much in the way of excess energy cells (fat) your body will not target this area until larger sources have been greatly diminished. This can leave you spending hours at the gym, every day, without any results around your face and neck. 

At other times, the second chin may be more genetic than anything else, which means excessive dieting and exercise still might not do you any good. That is why, when it comes to how to reduce double chin issues, you’ll want to consider either KYBELLA® vs CoolSculpting® . But which is better? Here is what you need to know about the two procedures. 

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What Are KYBELLA® Injections

Before deciding which method is right for you it is necessary to understand what takes place with each treatment method. KYBELLA®  is a synthetic deoxycholic acid. Your body naturally produces this kind of acid to help with the breakdown of fat within your body. For example, if you’re exercising and you need caloric energy your body will break down some fatty tissue and used the stored energy. To do this, it releases a deoxycholic acid to assist. 

With KYBELLA® , the synthetic deoxycholic acid is injected into your neck area where you are experiencing the double chin. This will then destroy the fat cells. In this way, though KYBELLA®  is different from your body. When your body “destroys” the fat cells it is simply pulling the stored energy from within the cells, reducing the size of each, yet the cell remains (think of it like a balloon deflating). With KYBELLA® , the cells are completely killed off, so those cells are no longer around. This does help prevent the development of future double chin issues.

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Real Patient Results 

How Long Does KYBELLA®  Last

KYBELLA® is performed in individual sessions. Typically, a session is performed and then a followup session is scheduled a month down the road. In general, you can expect anywhere from one to six treatments. If your doctor believes you will need more than six treatments, they may recommend another method for how to reduce double chin.

Following the session, you will likely experience some puffing and swelling around the injection site. This is only temporary and will go down in no more than a few weeks. Your first session will likely experience the greatest amount of swelling as your body is not accustomed to the injection. Subsequent sessions may still bring about swelling, but typically the levels are reduced. 

Your doctor will schedule the next session a month after the initial session. If swelling continues after one month you will need to delay until the swelling has subsided. At most, you will see complete results after around six to seven months, but this is only if you require six sessions. If you require just two or three, you will realize the final results after around two to three months. In most instances, people begin seeing noticeable results at around the 12-week mark (which is following two to three sessions). 

What Is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting®, on the other hand, uses the technical name of “cryolipolysis.” This means the fat is frozen under the skin. During the procedure, the fat cells are frozen. Once the cells are frozen, they die and your body will naturally flush the waste cells out of the body. As the freezing and eliminating process is a longer process it will take a bit longer to see results, but this is one viable option for removing fat cells from your body, including fat around your neck and chin area.

How Long Does CoolSculpting®  Last

During a CoolSculpting®  session, you can expect to see up to a 25 percent reduction in fat cells around the neck and chin. Much like KYBELLA®, once the cells are processed by the body and removed they will not grow back. These cells are dead and gone for good. 

It can take anywhere from four to six months to fully realize the results of a single CoolSculpting® session. This means, if you require a second or third session of CoolSculpting® you may not be able to schedule it until a full six months after the original session. If this proves to be the case and you need at least two sessions you might not see the desired results for at least a year

KYBELLA® vs CoolSculpting®: Which Is Better?

When looking at KYBELLA®  vs CoolSculpting® it comes down to you. What works for you will not always work best for someone else. When you come in for a consultation your doctor will help determine the best method to utilize. 

In general, CoolSculpting® is used when only a small amount of fat needs to be removed. However, if you have a larger amount of fatty tissue under your chin or this one particular area has proven especially stubborn, KYBELLA®  may be the better option for you.  However, it’s impossible to know without a proper assessment by a Skin Center professional.  Our KYBELLA®  injectors and CoolSculpting® technicians has performed hundreds of treatments and will be able to recommend the right treatment to help you meet your goals.

Look Your Best With The Skin Center

When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you have greater confidence in yourself. It’s amazing what heightened confidence can do for your self-esteem and your ability to interact with others on a daily basis. If a double chin is causing you to doubt yourself or to not feel as good about yourself as you’d like, you need to look at ways on how to reduce double chin. Here at The Skin Center, you’ll discover exactly that. So, if you’re ready to schedule a consultation or you have more questions about how a procedure might work, now is the perfect time to give The Skin Center a call