How To Look Good While Video Conferencing

The world sure has taken several odd turns as of late. Due to circumstances out of your control, you likely are spending more time working remotely. Of course, just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you’ll be away from your coworkers, clients, and employees. With modern technology, it is possible to work just about anywhere while also remaining in contact. Most of the time you’ll likely use texting, instant messaging, and video conferencing.

We’ve all been there. The dreaded computer camera! It’s impossible and leaves you wondering how to look good while video conferencing, it feels like. Every time you turn on that camera to join a meeting, you cringe a little. The strange shadows that cling to your face or the lovely two chins thing that you see on your video feed. Thankfully, it is possible to correct all of these issues. So, here are some tips and tricks for how to look good on video conference calls.

how to look good while video conferencing
Camera Position Matters

One of the most unflattering visuals for any video conference call is when the camera is looking up your nose. Most laptops have the camera built into the top of the screen, which means you simply need to adjust the height of the laptop screen to be right at eye level. This makes it easier to look into the camera. It also helps avoid unflattering angles, such as the dreaded double-chin look or the up-the-nose angle.

However, what happens if you have a laptop with a camera built into the bottom of the screen? This is unfortunate. However, if it is the case you should look at purchasing a stand-alone webcam. These are inexpensive and can attach to the top of your laptop (or you can place it on a small tripod). Whatever kind of equipment you’re working on, you need to have the lens at eye level.

Lighting Is Everything

Lighting is one of the most important steps in how to look good on video conference calls. With the right lighting, you can improve your look. This way, even if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before or your eyes are baggy from an allergic reaction, the lighting will help reduce the visual appearance of these issues.

First, don’t place a light source behind your head (such as a window). If you have a light source behind your head you’ll likely appear darker on the video feed. The camera will constantly try to adjust its white balance, which throws off how light or dark you appear. And if you set up manual control the background will get blown out and appear far too bright in comparison to your face.

With lighting, you have a few options. First, you’ll want a white, natural light. Other lights will throw a yellow ting to your face, which may give your complexion a strange hue. With the white, natural light, you’ll maintain your natural complexion.

how to look good on a video conference call

Now, there is some lighting equipment you can consider. First, there are circular lights that can be placed around a stand-alone camera (or a webcam). This will evenly light your face. These are nice for filling in dark areas, bags, and wrinkles, but it also doesn’t give you any dimension. Professional lighting setups will always have one side of the face with slightly less light, as this helps give your face dimension. If you’re looking to fill in bags and wrinkles with light but you also want dimension there is an easy lighting setup you can follow. If you have a window, place the window diagonally from your face (so 2 o’clock where 12 o’clock is right in front of you).

Now, take a secondary lamp and place it diagonally from the other side of your face (10 o’clock). If it is especially bright out, use the window as your main “key” light. The “key” light is the main light and offers the most lighting in your video conference call. This will light some of the opposite side of your face, but there will be some shadow. With the other light, turn it on but back it away a bit further form you than the window. This will help provide some light to the opposite side of your face, but there will be just a small amount of shade, which will give your face a 3D appearance, instead of a flat visual (the second light is known as the “fill” light, as it helps fill in some of the shadowy areas).

On a cloudy day when the light isn’t as bright outside, you’ll want to flip this. Use the lamp as the key light and the window as the fill. Of course, if you’re in a pinch, just place the window in front of your face. You won’t have as much facial definition, but at least the lighting will be even and free of shadows.

Your Beauty Routine Makes All The Difference

The right camera equipment and lighting setup will only go so far. When considering how to look good on video conference calls you’ll want to establish a beauty routine that you follow every day. First, watch the salty snacks. Eating too much salt will result in your body retaining water, which means your face might look bloated. It may also emphasize the dark circles around your eyes.

Next, drink plenty of water (at least eight 8-ounce glasses a day). This will also help reduce the dry, baggy look.

You’ll want to wash your face in the morning and the evening as well as use a cleansing moisturizer. A nighttime mask, like the Revision® Black Mask is a fantastic addition to your skincare regimen. This will make your skin smooth while reducing the size of your pores. It seems big, nasty pores are the only thing the camera sees when on a video conference call with your team.

A Specific To You Beauty Routine Is Key

Your skin is truly unique. Due to this, you’ll need to craft a specific beauty routine. This will help you look your very best during a video conference call. To help, contact The Skincare Center By CPS. They will help you craft a beauty routine that perfectly fits your skin. They can also give suggestions on some makeup to use that will be light and non-reflective while taking part in your video conference calls.