How To Glow Up During Quarantine

As we all remain at home under the shelter-in-place rules, it is a perfect time to begin working on oneself. Sure, we might not be able to go outside and do everything we want, but that doesn’t mean you or anyone else is helpless or that everything is canceled. In fact, self-care is not canceled, and you can use different products and improve the radiance of your skin during this time. But if you’re wondering “how to glow up during quarantine” when you might not have full access to cosmetic services or skincare treatments from companies such as The Skin Center, we have the answers for you. In fact, here are a few of our favorite tips for improving the glow of your skin, and what you can do once the shelter-in-place orders are lifted.

how to glow up during quarantine

How To Glow Up During Quarantine

Purge Your Stress

Being cooped up can be stressful, but life, in general, is stressful. Why not take the opportunity to purge some of the stressors you deal with when not stuck inside? Start by deep cleaning your house or apartment. There’s nothing like a clean home that helps reduce the clutter in your mind. There’s truly been no better time to conduct a deep spring cleaning than right now. This should include cleaning out your closet and separating the clothing you no longer wear. Eventually, you’ll be able to take these items to Goodwill or try to sell them at used clothing shops.

While you’re taking a break from this, why not clean out your social media accounts. Chances are there are a handful of people your “friends” with that just stress you out. They post stuff that make you upset and gets the blood boiling. Unfriend them, block them, or just mute them so their posts don’t pop up (because if you unfriend your Aunt Marry, chances are you’ll hear about it from your mom at some point). It’s amazing how much stress social media causes, and how much better you’re feel when you ditch the stress.

You can also take the time to go over your finances. Ditch the subscription services you aren’t using, change your mobile plan if you’re paying too much. And just do what you can to cut out purchases you are not getting your money’s worth.

Daily Hygiene

It’s easy to let this fall by the wayside, but it will also make it harder to start up a daily hygiene regimen when the shelter-in-place orders are lifted. So, you need to create a daily hygiene routine and stick to it. First, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water (at least 64 ounces, if not more). Exfoliate a few times a week and add face masks to your skincare routine. Even if you’re buying the cheap masks during a food shopping run that won’t give much in the way of results, it can feel invigorating and refreshing to wear a mask for a few minutes.

You should also keep up with your shaving and cleansing your hair. Because let’s face it, if you’re taking extended periods of time off from shaving, it can be a whole thing when you finally do shave.

Watch Your Diet

It can be so easy to eat not-so-great food while stuck at home. These foods are not only bad for your waistline, but bad for your skin as well. All the sodium found in these foods may pull moisture from your skin, leaving you with a dry face and bags under your eyes. So, do what you can to avoid the salty, heavy saturated-fat snacks.

Professional Skincare Services To Book

If you’re like us, then you’re dying to get into the nail salon, tanning salon and hair salon as soon as possible! So, don’t forget your facial, Botox® and filler appointments, too! The Skin Center by CPS can help you with all of these services. But what are a few you should consider?

First, you’ll want to consider Botox®. These facial injectables will help you hide the stress lines and can even prevent further wrinkles. Wrinkles happen over time as the body’s facial muscles squeeze and relax, over and over. Plus the skin begins to break down so it is no longer able to bounce back to its original shape. With Botox®, you’ll prevent some of this muscle movement, which in turn will help you avoid wrinkles.

A dermal fillers will help with under your eyes and in your lips. If you’re looking a bit tired under the eyes, the filler will do the trick. And it will also give you that summer-selfie ready face. Plus, if you can do all of this before you head back to work, it will be as if all this magic happened as you remained at home.

The CoolTone™ and CoolSculpting® combo is perfect for working on your body. CoolTone™ will help tighten muscles, while CoolSculpting® will help you shed stubborn body fat. The two put together offer a perfect one-two punch.

When you want that perfect facial that will brighten your skin and clear away any of the acne or skin blemishes that might have popped up during quarantine, you’ll want to book yourself a DiamondGlow® facial. It will help restore that beautiful radiance to your skin that you’ve been craving.

Book Your Post-Quarantine Glow-Up Appointment Today

The opening of the economy is (hopefully) right around the corner. Georgia has allowed businesses to open up, while other states are testing the opening of different businesses as well. In the coming weeks, North Carolina will likely do the same. We’re not fully sure where cosmetic service providers falls on the list of openings, but it shouldn’t be long now. With so many people looking to take advantage of the cosmetic services they were not able to get over the last few months we are expecting a booked scheduling. So, if you want to make sure you’re able to take advantage of all the services we offer, now is the best time to reserve your time slot. So, check out all the great services available on our website and book one today, or schedule a consultation and we’ll go over which service may be perfect for you and your skin type.