Facial Treatments Over Makeup: Which is Better?

It’s not uncommon for the face to show some signs of aging—whether redness, facial veins, age spots, or wrinkles. And, it’s also not uncommon to want to minimize these signs of aging as much as possible. The question is how, and is it facial treatments over makeup?

For example, we get a number of clients each year who want to know what type of makeup is best for reducing the appearance of these age marks—and often, they are surprised when we tell them that makeup isn’t the right solution at all.


That’s not to say that we are against the use of makeup—far from it! The important thing to remember about makeup, however, is that it’s really just concealing these age spots. It’s not a permanent solution and it doesn’t address the underlying issue. The right facial treatments Charlotte Plastic Surgery offers, on the other hand, can actually minimize the facial imperfections that come from age or sun exposure—a more lasting solution than mere concealment.

In fact, the use of heavy, camouflaging makeup can ultimately be unflattering and can make you look older! Simply put, it can be obvious that you’re trying to hide something and your makeup can actually accentuate the imperfections you’re trying to conceal. For those who want to look their best and to reduce the signs of aging without the need for makeup, facial treatments can give the skin a natural, healthy glow.

And there’s one treatment we can especially recommend in this regard—Sciton’s Broad Band Light therapy, or BBL. This is a facial treatment Charlotte Plastic Surgery is proud to offer to our clients.


BBL (Broad Band Light) is a non-invasive treatment that emits pulses of light to help reduce the discoloration of your skin, resulting in a more even complexion. This type of facial therapy is recommended to minimize brown spots caused from sun exposure, as well as diffuse redness and facial veins that can also be caused by prolonged time spent in the outdoors. There are other uses of BBL, too. For example, BBL can also reduce the redness caused by rosacea and scarring from either surgery or acne.

As your skin ages there is a breakdown of the repair and healing process—which can result in a loss of elasticity or jowly skin, age spots, and unsightly veins and redness. Regular treatments with BBL will immediately improve the overall appearance of your skin and minimize the imperfections makeup can’t hide. Over the course of a few treatments, BBL will also reverse signs of aging and allow the skin to repair and heal as it did when you were in your 20s. You’re not just concealing age spots, then, but actually making your skin healthier.

For optimal results we recommend starting with a series of three treatments spaced four weeks apart. Then, to maintain results and to continue to reverse signs of aging, it is recommended that you follow up with at least four treatments, spaced out over the course of each year. One of our skin care specialists can walk you through the specifics and help you find the treatment schedule that’s best for your needs.


In addition to BBL, we also recommend a category of treatments called refining facial treatments. These treatments come in different forms, ranging from treatments that brighten the skin to more aggressive refining treatments that minimize pigmentation concerns

These facial treatments are especially recommended for patients who suffer from melasma. Melasma is a hormonal-type pigmentation that can darken specific areas of the face, typically in a pattern. Melasma can reoccur depending on products used at home, amount of time spent in the sun, or even strenuous exercise. In particular, heat can lead to the darkening of melasma.


For this type of stubborn discoloration or pigment we recommend using peels instead of pulse light therapy or laser treatment. The heat produced from these types of treatments can actually make melasma worse, specifically by causing the pigment to become darker. Following some chemical peels, and once the effects of the melasma have been minimized, BBL can be used to further rehabilitate the skin, and to give it that youthful radiance you’ve been seeking.

It is best to consult with our team of skin health professionals in order to find the best facial treatment Charlotte Plastic Surgery offers for your skin care needs.


That’s an important point to make about facial treatments in general: While we are happy to lay out some broad points in this post, it’s ultimately not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. It’s highly recommended that you meet with a skin health specialist who can help you chart a course for facial treatments that are appropriate for you.

There are a number of factors involved here, and the first is lifestyle. For example, your recommended skin care treatment may vary depending on how frequently you find yourself outside in the sun. Age can also be a factor, and so can the quality of your skin. The reality is that we’re not all born with the same genetic skin characteristics, and that’s something to account for when considering facial treatments.


No matter the specifics of your skin, no matter how splotchy you feel or how many age marks you lament, there is always a treatment course that can provide meaningful results—whether that’s BBL, skin peels, medical-grade topical solutions, or something else altogether. Our job is to help you find the treatment that makes the most sense for your facial needs, and to that end we invite you to contact us at Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

Our team includes a number of skin care specialists who are adept at identifying a patient’s needs and goals and zeroing in on just the right facial treatment at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. Take your first step toward looking and feeling younger by reaching out to schedule an appointment.