Do I Really Need SPF Daily?

Every aesthetician will tell you “If the day ends in ‘Y’ you must apply”. You already know the importance of SPF while out on the beach, visiting an amusement park, taking in a ball game, or doing anything that puts you right under the sun’s rays. It protects you and helps defend your skin against the constant bombardment taking place. While others burn and damage their skin, you have the confidence of knowing you’ll avoid the discomfort of burned and peeled skin while reducing the signs of aging. And yet, when shopping at the grocery store, you see daily moisturizer containing SPF. Maybe you’re not a big fan of how some products smell (don’t worry, if you don’t like the smell of one, there are hundreds of other options), or you don’t want to pay the extra cash for a moisturizer with SPF when you can get a perfectly solid product without SPF.

Whatever the reason may be, you might have asked yourself, “do I really need SPF daily?” In short, yes, you absolutely do. Here are just a few of the reasons why you need to make sure and apply moisturizing SPF every day.

The Sun Doesn’t Take A Break

When the sun is out, it doesn’t take a break. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside, and it doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy. Sun rays are there and will affect your skin. One of the biggest misconceptions about the sun and skin damage is that as long as it’s colder out or there is cloud cover, you can’t damage your skin. That isn’t true at all. While yes, clouds do filter some light rays out, they won’t prevent the sun from damaging your skin. These sun rays don’t care if it’s cooler out. It will begin to deteriorate your skin, and it may even begin to break down your DNA and cause skin cancer.

Because the sun doesn’t take a break, you can’t either. There are several ways you can go about protecting yourself, including wearing a long hat, using sunglasses, wearing long sleeves, and using sunscreen. Using a daily moisturizer with SPF is a great way to start. This way, you instantly have SPF protection built right in, and even though it’s likely lighter on the SPF (most daily moisturizers are SPF 15, although there is a handful sold with higher levels), it will help defend earlier in the morning when the rays are not as harsh.

An Extra Step Protecting Against Skin Cancer

Most skin cancer can be avoided. While not all skin cancer is caused by the sun, the majority of cases do start this way. This means the majority of cases can be avoided. By simply making sure you have SPF applied to your skin whenever you’re outside, you can greatly reduce your risk of skin cancer. It’s an easy process and doesn’t take that long. Plus, if you’re already applying moisturizer to your skin, it’s not going to take any longer. Just use a product that includes SPF and then apply more throughout the course of the day. By protecting yourself with SPF, you’ll reduce your chance of developing skin cancer, and you improve the moisture retention of your skin as well. It’s a win-win.

Get Rid Of That Pesky Discoloration

Have you noticed skin discoloration around your eyes? Maybe there are some spotting or uneven tones. Much of this is due to the sun breaking down your skin. Because the skin is thinnest around your eyes than just about anywhere else on the body, this area will break down faster, sunglasses can help with this, but it doesn’t go all the way. Sunglasses work as a shield, but you want a topical suit of armor. Sunscreen and moisturizer with SPF do exactly that. If you don’t have discoloration, it will help you avoid this problem, and if you do, with proper hydration, exfoliation, and the continued use of SPF products, you’ll begin to see improvements in your skin’s look.

Most skincare services are done to improve your skin’s look and correct the damage it has sustained. Some of this is due to the natural aging process, and yet most are due to lifestyle. Whether it is from smoking, toxins in the air, not staying hydrated, or, most commonly, the sun, skin care services aim at correcting these errors. However, it is far better to avoid making these errors and damaging your skin. So, if you want to maintain the healthiest-looking skin possible and reduce some necessary corrective procedures, you absolutely need to take advantage of skin care products with SPF.

Not sure what the best SPF products are for your particular skin? Our team here at The Skin Center By CPS will help you with that.

Begin Fully Taking Care Of Your Skin

Here at The Skin Center By CPS, we will help you achieve your skincare goals. However, many of these goals begin at home. From staying on top of your hydration to utilizing proper skincare products, the bulk of your skincare will take place where you live. This includes applying SPF daily.

Sometimes you don’t realize how long you’ve been outside, and that sun can creep up. Even taking the dog for a walk or watching a kid’s youth soccer game can add up. You might not even notice it, but you damage your skin every time you go outside without SPF, and sun rays hit you. So, you need to do everything you can to protect your skin, and this begins with SPF.

Of course, if you believe you have sun damage or there are problem areas you want to correct, give our staff here at The Skin Center By CPS a call. We’ll begin the process by analyzing your skin and coming up with the best course of action specifically for you. Your skin care goals are only a phone call away.