DIY Skincare Treatments You Should and Should NOT do at home

There’s truly nothing like the feeling of exceptional skin care. Whether a facial or a specific cosmetic service, you are left with fresh, bright, and clean skin. There’s almost a radiance about it, which gives you both confidence and a glow. Naturally, you’re not able to go into a skincare facility such as The Skin Center By CPS and have a daily treatment (although we’re more than welcome to schedule services as often as you like). This means you may consider attempting to perform some DIY skincare treatments

There are several fantastic home skincare services you can perform safely at home. But there is also a list of treatments you absolutely need to avoid. Some of these treatments may leave you with acid burns, cuts, scarring, and far more damaging problems than what you started with. 

So, before you purchase a new product you saw online or have watched YouTube reviews of, here are a number of DIY skincare treatments you need to avoid at all costs.

DIY Skincare Treatments You Should Avoid

Lemon (Or Lime) As A Skin Lightener

Citrus is acidic, which means it can eventually remove top layers of skin or even alter its appearance. One of the reasons you’re not supposed to directly eat lemons regularly (besides it being so tart) is because it will start to eat away at the enamel of your teeth. There are those who will try to use lemon juice on their skin to take advantage of the fruit’s acidic aspect to lighten their complexion. Do not do this. 

The lemons will physically eat away at the protective layer of skin on your body, which can cause blistering, discoloration, damage to the barrier functions, and all kinds of issues. And once you have these issues from lemons, it will either take months to correct, or you’ll need to drop some serious cash on cosmetic treatments to correct. In short, avoid using citrus on your skin at all costs.

Try To Self-Remove Moles

No! Just No. Don’t do this at all. Don’t even think about it. If it bothers you, see a dermatologist find out what kind of mole it is. There are products people will tell you to use, ranging from tea tree oil to apple cider vinegar or other products. Usually, the methods used contain high levels of acid, then be applied to the problem area (usually overnight) until it kills the tissue. First of all, this isn’t going to “remove” the mole. It just kills the top layer of skin, which can then lead to scarring. And, chances are, if you have a mole there unless it’s surgically removed, the mole may actually return, which means you just burned it off for nothing. Also, don’t use wart removers or other skincare products on moles. 

If you have a mole you want to remove, you need to have it looked at by your doctor, who can determine whether it should be checked for cancer or if it can be removed on the spot.

Raw Eggs On Skin

This one has been around for a while, although it needs to go away. The belief is that when the raw egg is applied to the skin, it can help tighten it and fill in fine lines. Though it sounds interesting, it’s a no-go. A raw egg has a number of benefits, but that doesn’t mean you should apply it to your skin. You’re basically throwing raw tissue onto your face. This can lead to the development of skin infections, and it can even give you salmonella. And trust us, salmonella infections on your face are not something you want to have happened to you.


Yes, there are products sold that allow you to scrape dead skin off of your face physically. Having this professionally done is an excellent way to exfoliate, especially if it is done right before a facial. That doesn’t mean it is something you should try to do at home. You’re holding a knife next to your face and rubbing it over your face, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you will end up cutting yourself, and even if you eventually become accustomed to using it, you can easily cut yourself leaving serious scars. 

Besides that, there are very specific sanitation procedures you need to follow; otherwise, you’re going to get an infection due to bacteria on the blades. Instead, you will be much better off going to have a professional perform any kind of skin scraping, dermaplaning, or microdermabrasion services on you. It will be a more complete job, and you’ll know it is done right. You also won’t have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself or infecting your skin. So, the next time you see these kinds of products sold at the local grocery store, just walk on by.


There are those individuals who like to place this on their faces. They believe the fat in the mayonnaise can help improve their skin. In some ways, yes, the skin will absorb some of this. However, you’re basically slathering liquid fat on your skin and, when left to sit, you’ll just block off pores and cause all kinds of breakouts. Essentially you’ll be doing more harm than good.

Book Professional Skin Care Services Today

Even safe at-home skincare services cannot match the services provided to you by the experienced team at The Skin Center By CPS. This is because the products and implements available at a professional, certified facility are not generally sold for home use. Additionally, when you have a trained, licensed professional working with you, you will know you’re in the best hands, and you’ll receive optimal results faster than attempting to do DIY skincare treatments at home. 

So, whether you have questions about new skincare products you’ve heard about or you are interested in booking a professional skincare service, now is the perfect time to contact the staff here at The Skin Center By CPS.