Learn About the Dangers of At-Home Skin Care Treatments with Dr. Chandler

Dangers of At-Home Skin Care Treatments

Here are just a few of the dangers of at-home skin care treatments you need to be aware of.

Look Into Where The Products Are From

COVID-19 has caused all kinds of issues with just about everyone. It’s probably even thrown a wrench or two into your regular skincare routine. So, to make up for this, you might have considered purchasing products you wouldn’t normally buy. Maybe you want a chemical skin peel at home? There are some less-acidic skin peels at home that are fantastic (when used as directed). However, the biggest issue is where the products are made.

When you purchase skin care products from a known skincare supplier, such as an Ulta or Sephora, these companies will usually weed out the less desirable products. However, shopping on Amazon is an entirely different story because just about anyone can sell on Amazon, and the nations-of-origin of these products can be dangerous. Beauty products made in China don’t have the same kind of quality control requirements as what you find here in the States or Western Europe, which means you are more likely to experience dangerous side effects. Due to this, always know where you’re buying the products from and where the products originate.


Removing the top layer of dead skin is an excellent way to begin a facial treatment. The kinds of dermaplaning you receive from a professional is as good as it comes. Now, there are some products out there that you can now use at home, although they will not be as extreme as what you find from a professional service provider. These can also be dangerous if you’re not careful. 

We’ve seen plenty of individuals slice up their foreheads because they did not use the products correctly. It’s very similar to running a razor blade over the face. While many of these items are safe, you absolutely need to be careful and follow the instructions. You also should not use them more than once a week (at most). You can’t keep sliding blades over new skin. Eventually, you’ll end up causing damage or cutting yourself.

Be Careful With Trends

There are all kinds of trends out there with products like lemon juice or garlic. It might seem fine, but these can lead to bad reactions, blistering, burns, and all kinds of other reactions. Don’t just start slapping products on your face without first talking with someone who knows skincare products (such as the professionals here at The Skin Center by CPS).

Don’t Be Fooled By “Natural” Labels

Just because something is labeled as “natural” doesn’t mean it’s not harmful to your skin. Poison ivy is natural, and nobody is looking to rub that on their faces. Tea tree oil is natural, but it is often used to burn off warts or moles. The oil can cause all kinds of skin damage that takes months (if not longer) to recover from. So, before you buy anything and start using it, you need to consult a professional to see if it is actually a safe product. The last thing you want to end up with is chemical burns on your skin because you went for the natural product.

Understand Before You Begin Using

These are just some of the dangers of at-home skincare treatments and products you need to avoid using at all costs. Just because you see something used on someone’s Instagram page or is trending on Twitter doesn’t mean you need to hop on and use it right away. Instead, if it isn’t a regular, over-the-counter product, it is best to consult the skincare professionals at The Skin Center by CPS prior to using it out of the ordinary. 

So, whether you are interested in a professionally applied treatment or you want to know more about what kind of skin care is best for your skin, now is the perfect time to set up a skincare consultation with the staff here at The Skin Center by CPS.