Let’s Break Down the Chemical Peel Process: How Many Do You Need? What Do They Treat?

Proper exfoliation of the skin is such an essential step in your daily skincare routine. Exfoliating the skin removes dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and other gunk that might clog pores and cause outbreaks. It also stimulates collagen production which in turn helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, plus the fact that with proper exfoliation there is a lot less dead and dull skin sitting on top of your face. This helps active ingredients in your skincare product to be able to be absorbed by the skin rather than just sit on top. However, regular exfoliating only goes so far. To help aid in your quest for radiant skin, you may want to incorporate more effective methods of removing that less-than-perfect skin.

A chemical peel is a long-time favorite method you may want to try. It’s a safe and effective way to strip away lifeless skin and other build-ups that regular exfoliating may not be able to remove. But what all goes into the chemical peel process, how often should you have one, and exactly what does it do? Here’s everything you need to know about the chemical peel process and how it can be added to your regular skincare routine.

What Is A Chemical Peel Process

As the name suggests, it is a chemical skin peeling solution made of various properties, some are derivatives of fruit acids, lactic acids, malic acids, citric acids, etc…applied directly to the skin. There are various compound ingredients, depending on the desired goal and how deep the peel needs to penetrate. Medical grade chemical peels are different from the at-home peels you can purchase from your local beauty product retailer. DIY peel products can help remove the very top layer of skin, but medical grade formulas used by professionals at locations such as  The Skin Center by CPS can penetrate deeper into the skin, greatly reducing the appearance of sunspots, wrinkles, and scars while also addressing even skin tone and smoother texture. These products and treatments are only available through skincare professionals.

One of the biggest reasons you need to go to seek a professional service provider with demonstrated experience to receive a chemical peel is that the ingredients and combination thereof must be very specific. It is imperative to take into consideration details such as your skin type, medical history, current medications, skincare products used daily, as well as your desired goal to ensure the right chemical peel is performed, Someone who doesn’t possess the necessary experience will not be proficient in providing advanced-level care. At The Skin Center by CPS, our master skin health specialists have years of training and experience in providing services just like this.

Can You Just Schedule A Peel And Have It Done The Same Day?

No, for several reasons. When scheduling a chemical peel, you will need an initial consultation. This is where your skin type is identified, and your skincare professional will review your medical history, what skincare products you currently use, and the type of skincare treatments you’ve received. Without considering all of these factors first you a chemical peel may do more damage than good. One of the many benefits of coming to see The Skin Center by CPS professionals for all of your skincare needs is that your medical history and previous skincare treatments will be kept on file. If, however, you are new to The Skin Center by CPS, you will need to provide your medical background, health history, as well as answer a few lifestyle questions such as do you smoke, are you taking oral contraceptives, are you pregnant, what’s your daily sun exposure, and so on. All of these factors will be taken into consideration when selecting the proper chemical peel for your face.

Return To Normal Following A Chemical Peel

Depending on your specific skin peel, you will be able to return to normal activities soon. With lighter (more topical) peels you may expect to be able to apply makeup the next day or within a week or so. Deep (penetrate deeper layers) peels, maybe a few weeks (or so) down the road, ensuring your skin is completely healed to reduce any possibility of skin reaction before applying certain types of products. Your service provider will be glad to review the specifics based on the chemical peel you receive.

How Often Can You Get A Chemical Peel

Following a chemical peel process, your skin will likely feel sensitive, have a bit of a burning, tight sensation going on, often described as a mild sunburn. This may last for several days. However, once the burning or irritated feeling has faded away, you’ll be left with a glowing, clean, beautiful complexion. You’ll love the way your skin feels!  So much, you may want to get right back in the saddle and have another chemical peel performed as soon as possible. Just keep in mind, as great as it is, you can’t keep removing fresh, new layers of skin. Eventually, you may remove too many layers. That is why we recommend you wait between chemical peel procedures.

Just how long do you need to wait before you go in for your repeat chemical peel? It depends on the depth level of the peel. If you’re going in for a lighter peel that removes only the surface layers of skin, you can most likely have one performed every month (your skincare service provider will be able to advise the specifics). A moderate-strength chemical peel will remove additional layers of skin and take longer to heal before those layers of dead and dull skin reappear. In the instance of moderate peels, it may be wise to wait several months (or perhaps up to 6 months).

Finally, if you decide to have the deepest level of chemical peel performed, it is necessary to wait a considerable amount of time before having another deep chemical peel performed. Most people who choose deep chemical peels have them performed annually (or they may plan to have one several weeks prior to a significant or important event that they want to look refreshed, rejuvenated, and their very best for).

Schedule Your Chemical Peel Today

A chemical peel is an excellent way to remove dull and damaged skin from your face. It will bring forward fresh, healthy skin, simultaneously, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, rough skin texture, and some types of scars. One of the best features of chemical peels today is the variety of medical-grade products available – they are safe and effective for almost every skin type and almost everyone can have one done. While this isn’t something you can do every day (or even every week), a regularly scheduled chemical peel is absolutely perfect for when you want to look your very best. And now is the perfect time to plan your chemical peel.

Whether you want to look your best for a special event coming up, or you just haven’t had one in months (or ever), there’s never been a better time to try out a chemical peel than right now. So give our staff here at The Skin Center by CPS a call and let’s begin your beautiful, skin health journey.