Slay the Big Day with the Ultimate Bridal Beauty Checklist: UPDATED

Make yourself look and feel your most beautiful for your big day with our bridal beauty checklist at The Skin Center by Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

We have everything broken down for you with the best times to do the tasks, so you have one less thing to worry about. Find out more about what service we can offer you to make you even more beautiful for your wedding.

The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Checklist

Up to One Year Before Your Big Day

Yes, you need to start your bridal beauty checklist a year before the big day. Give yourself at least nine to twelve months before your wedding to schedule your first consultations with us at The Skin Center. By having your consultations months in advance, you will have time to schedule your procedures and fully recover from them to get the best results.

Discussing your desires for how you want to look on your wedding day with one of our professionals can help you choose the best services and products. Our skin professionals know which services and products to offer to help you look your best and meet your beauty needs.

Consider discussing with one of our skin experts some – or all – of the following procedures:

  • Facial injectables: These injectables correct wrinkles and smooth lines.
  • Skin laser treatments: These treatments resurface, stimulate, and correct unevenness in your skin tone.
  • Kybella® treatment: This treatment method produces a longer, leaner-looking neck.
  • CoolSculpting®: This option will eliminate fat in problem areas.
  • CoolTone®: Use CoolTone for a more toned appearance.

These consultations can help you line up services to have them timed precisely to optimize your results on your wedding day.

Six to Nine Months Before Your Wedding

Up to nine months before the wedding, you need to start to think about pre-procedure skincare treatments, such as those from Alastin’s Skincare line. These products prepare your skin to give you stellar results. Follow up your procedures with post-treatment skincare products to look even more amazing.

During the six-to-nine-month timeframe before your big day, make sure to schedule the following:

As you invest your time in the above treatments and appointments, don’t forget that beauty starts from the inside.

Continue to maintain good health by following a healthy diet, getting a good balance of rest and exercise, and drinking water. Also, skip the fad diets. They can make your skin dry, your hair brittle, and make you feel hungry and cranky. Focus on eating a balanced diet to give your skin and hair the nutrients they need to look great. Doing so can improve the results that you get from the other tasks on your bridal beauty checklist.

Three months Prior to the Big Day

The clock is ticking, but you’re not on your own. We’ve got your back in the beauty department. When you have only three months left before the wedding, you need follow-up procedures to optimize your earlier treatments. Plus, you should start to kick your facial skincare regime into high gear to improve your lashes, lips, and eyes.

  • Follow up for dermal filler, Kybella®, Botox®, or Dysport treatments you had earlier. You may need repeat treatments, depending on the results you need.
  • Brighten up your skin and even your face’s skin tone with chemical peels.
  • Start to use eye cream daily if you don’t already to improve the skin around your eyes.
  • Plump up your lips with some of our lip plumping products.
  • Get Latisse to boost the fullness, darkness, and length of your lashes with the only FDA-approved lash enhancement treatment.
  • Schedule DiamondGlow infusion for hands and face for you and your groom.

One Month Before the Wedding

With just one month to go, now you need to complete any treatment series you haven’t finished. For example, if you started the first of three PRP treatments, you should finish these up at this time. Additionally, focus on last-minute touch-ups such as dermal fillers, Botox®, facials, and CoolTone®.

Don’t start using any new products between now and your wedding. You don’t want to have a reaction to a new skincare product that requires weeks to recover from. Maintain your already established skincare regime to keep looking great.

Two Weeks Until Your Big Day

Two weeks before your wedding, you need to take time to relax. Consider scheduling a custom facial for yourself or your bridal party as a pampering tool that can help you look refreshed. If you have any skincare products that you will run out of within the next month, stock up now, so you don’t have to make a special order during your honeymoon.

The Week Before You Wed Until Your Wedding Day

Get your last CoolTone® treatment the week before your wedding to look great in your beach honeymoon bikini or your wedding dress. Also, take time for a Dermaplane facial from one of our professionals. You can relax and show off fresh-looking skin after the gentle exfoliation.

Lastly, relax, take deep breaths, and drink plenty of water on your big day.

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