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Neuromodulators such as Botox®, Dysport®, and Jeuveau® are regarded as some of the most effective ways to effectively diminish the appearance of aging skin. Neurotoxins are purified proteins specially formulated to safely target fine lines & wrinkles in the skin. It then blocks the signal that the nerve directs to the muscle, thereby preventing it from contracting and causing the lines or creases we typically associate with aging. Neuromodulators are ideal for targeting issues such as:

  • Frown lines between brows
  • Crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Forehead lines
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Lines around the mouth & lips
  • Dimples in the chin
  • A “gummy” smile
  • Creases on the nose

The objective is to simply relax these tightened muscles and release their tension. The results being a smoother, more youthful looking complexion!

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While Medi-spas and parties selling these neurotoxins, Botox in Charlotte, NC and the region may offer enticing deals and coupons that promise significant savings on bulk injections, the bargain is not worth the result: those practitioners cannot provide the safe treatment and lasting results that one receives at The Skin Center by Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

The difference largely comes down to the placement of the needle. What works for one person’s wrinkle will not always work for another’s. Your provider will examine your unique facial patterns to determine how much dilution and dosage will provide the perfect end result.

There may even be some dangers involved in seeking treatments outside of medical facilities. Some practitioners may water down their neurotoxin with excess saline in order to administer more injections per vial. Patients will realize this too late—usually when the effects of their Botox® injection begin to wear off in less than the time promised by the manufacturer.

Inexperienced practitioners are also far more likely to inject the muscle incorrectly. If this happens, patients may suffer side effects, such as drooping eyebrows or eyelids. You can avoid all of these pitfalls by visiting a licensed medical professional.


Our providers go the extra mile to make sure that your experience is safe, comfortable, and effective. First, the treated areas are thoroughly cleaned. Your nurse will closely inspect the area to determine the best placement point for the injection. Then the neurotoxin is injected via a very fine needle into specific facial muscles.

Depending on how many areas of the face are treated, you can expect the following from a typical neuromodulator treatment:

  • Only takes a few minutes
  • You can have several areas treated in one session
  • Discomfort is extremely minimal
  • Recovery time is minimal
  • No anesthesia is required

Our Botox injectors serve the following areas:

Huntersville, NC
Davidson, NC
Cornelius, NC
Waxhaw, NC
Marvin, NC

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