How To Get Younger Looking Skin At Any Age

We all want our appearance to remain youthful. It’s a constant battle against gravity, time, and collagen loss. If you’re like most people you’ve probably tested out a number of eye creams, tonics, exfoliants, not to mention potentially altered your diet, all in the hopes of looking younger. While there are several exceptional skincare products out there that can lead to impressive results, the best options for how to look younger come in the form of professionally administered skincare services. While a facelift can serve as a possibility, there is no shortage of non-surgical options. From microneedling to stimulate the production of collagen in your face to tightening skin with the aid of radio frequency, there are all kinds of options out there for you. In your continued quest to reverse the aging process, here are a handful of the best ways for how to get younger looking skin.

Here’s How To Get Younger Looking Skin

how to get younger looking skin

You Need To Stay Hydrated

One of the most important steps in maintaining healthy-looking skin is to remain hydrated. Water is critical in the overall health of your body and it also helps improve the visual appearance of your skin. By drinking plenty of water (you should be drinking at least eight servings of 8-oz glasses per day) you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your skin. You should also try to cut sodium out of your diet and avoid alcohol and smoking. All of this will dramatically help with the visual appearance of not only your face, but it will help with ashy, flaky skin throughout the rest of your body.

Make Sure To Moisturize

Speaking of keeping your skin hydrated, you need to moisturize. While consuming water helps, applying a topical product both before you go to bed and prior to starting the day will help. Night creams tend to be thicker to help deliver more nutrients to your skin as you sleep. This is important because your body repairs itself while you sleep. To heighten its ability to repair damaged skin cells it needs the necessary ingredients to pull from. Without the moisturizing cream, your skin will be limited with how much it can repair. So do your body a favor and apply a night time face cream. We love Skinmedica’s Dermal Repair Cream!

You should also apply a moisturizer and SPF every morning. This will help prevent cracking and dryness you might experience, especially if you have naturally dry skin.


As mentioned above, your body performs most of its repair jobs while you sleep. So, if you’re not sleeping long enough your body doesn’t have the necessary time to repair it. Chances are you’ve had a few nights where you just didn’t get any sleep, and when you looked in the mirror you could instantly tell. So do whatever you can to increase the amount of sleep. There really is truth to “beauty sleep.” By sleeping 7 to 9 hours of sleep you will see the results looking back at you in the mirror.

Microneedling Treatments

This one might sound a bit strange at first, but it has impressive results. A microneedling treatment is a pen with a head of needles covering it (there are a few needle size options to consider). The microneedling pen will cause very small, microscopic injuries (don’t worry, you can’t see it). The microscopic injuries force your body to spring into action and repair these cuts. Now, to repair the cuts your body will increase the blood flow to this part of your body, which sends more oxygen and nutrients to the damaged area. It also creates an increase in collagen production.

For the most effective microneedling and treatment, we recommend going to a skin care specialist for the microneedling treatment instead of buying the at-home, microneedling rollers. While the method performed at home does have advantages, the services provided by a skincare professional are more extensive and you’ll see better results. You can also combine the microneedling with dermaplaning or Platelet Rich Plasma, which will help enhance the results. It is one of the many non-surgical skincare options to consider.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening and Laser Resurfacing

Lasers are used in several ways to help boost your physical appearance. Some laser services can be used to help remove dead layers of skin on your face. Essentially it is an extreme exfoliation that you simply can’t do at home. There is also Radio Frequency Skin Tightening, which will increase collagen production and tighten the skin. These kinds of services provide lasting results but do require quarterly or annual maintenance, which makes it a desirable treatment.

Of course, the best way to determine the right skincare service for your face is to consult with the medical professionals at The Skin Center by CPS. This way, you’ll know the best way to go about improving your complexion and to make your skin look younger.

Creating A Skincare Regimen To Help You Look Younger

Everyone’s skin is different. So what you need to improve the look of your skin will be different from what others will require. Due to this, you need to know now only what is causing your skin to look as it does, but what services are best designed to improve the appearance of your skin. The team at The Skin Center by CPS can provide you with a complimentary VISIA skin analysis and personalized treatment plan at your consultation. You’ll receive a complete rundown of what’s going on with your skin as well as what services would work the best for you. The staff can also provide product recommendations to help enhance the services offered. If you are looking to maintain your glow, smooth out wrinkles, or get your snapback now is the perfect time to come in and visit the friendly staff at The Skin Center by CPS. A more youthful you is just a phone call away.