What’s the Best Skin Care Routine for Winter

Cold weather is not without its perks. Drinking hot beverages, donning favorite sweaters and coats, admiring fresh driven snow… these are all real benefits to the winter season. But colder weather can also have its ravages, and one of the first places you’ll notice them is on your skin. Too often, winter leaves us with skin that’s dry, cracked, red, or just generally unhealthy.

The good news is that there are some options for protecting yourself, and keeping your skin looking its best. Recently, our own Dr. Stephen Finical went on Charlotte’s FOX 46 to share his recommendations for the best skin care routine for winter. Here’s a quick rundown of what Dr. Finical had to say.


Developing the Best Skin Care Routine for Winter

As Dr. Finical confirms, the big problem with winter weather is that the brisk air tends to be quite dry. It depletes our skin of the moisture it requires to look and feel its best. The guiding principle of any winter skin care routine should be preserving that moisture. This is complicated by the fact that, indoors, you’re likely to encounter forced air heat, which accelerates the drying of your skin.

It’s critical to note that your skin care routine for winter may be quite a bit different than your skin care routine from spring or fall. As Dr. Finical notes, we all change our wardrobe according to the seasons; what we wear in summer’s heat wouldn’t make sense in the dead of winter, and vice versa. It’s only logical that we vary our skin care routine, as well.

One of the challenges is that, in places like Charlotte, the weather can fluctuate quite a bit, even within a season. Winter weather may bring some bitingly cold days, but also some days where the temperature climbs and the sun is shining. A good skin care routine for winter must accommodate these ebbs and flows.

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Moisturizers vs. Hydraters

As for the specifics of a winter skin care routine, Dr. Finical says moisturizers are essential. A moisturizer is essentially a barrier, helping you to maintain your skin’s natural moisture. This is an important layer of protection against that harsh weather and forced air heating.

And yet, a moisturizer alone may not be sufficient. That’s why The Skin Center by CPS offers a hydrator, which actually helps absorb moisture from the air into the skin… not just preserving the body’s natural moisture, but actually enhancing it.

“As science has caught up with skin care products, we’ve gotten a lot better at being able to help skin,” affirms Dr. Finical. “A hydrator, as opposed to a moisturizer, is really what’s state of the art right now.”

Protection from the Sun

Dr. Finical raises another significant winter skin care concern, which is protecting your skin from the sun. We tend to think of sunscreen as a summertime precaution, but the reality is that the sun still shines, and can do real damage to your skin, even during the winter season. That makes it essential to apply sunscreen year-round.

“When you’re going outside, and you get the solar radiation, you need to be protected,” says Dr. Finical. He goes on to note that exposure to the sun is “the biggest cause of aging in our skin.” Broad-spectrum sunscreen is encouraged.

Repairing Sun Damage

And what about those who have already taken on some sun damage? Dr. Finical says there’s much that can be done to repair sun-depleted skin, without the need to pursue any kind of surgery. The Skin Center by CPS provides non-invasive treatments such as broadband light therapy (BBL), microneedling, topical products, non-invasive body contouring, and much more.

Find the Best Skin Care Routine for You

It’s important to observe that, while these general principles hold true across the board, different people may benefit from different products, treatments, or skin care basics.

So how can you tell exactly which moisturizers, sunscreens, or non-invasive treatments you need to make your skin winter-ready? One of the best places to start is by joining us at The Skin Center by CPS, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet with a skin care specialist and get a personalized recommendation.

Our providers at The Skin Center by CPS are resistant to the notion of one-size-fits-all skin care. Instead, we want to make sure we have the opportunity to evaluate each client’s skin, checking for brown spots, elasticity, and more. Once we get a good sense of your skin care needs, we can tailor our recommendations to address them.

Some clients may benefit from something as simple as a hydrating product, which we can provide right here in our center. And if we think there’s merit to something like microneedling with radiofrequency, we can walk you through the procedure and let you know what kind of outcome you might expect.

To find out more, or to get a custom skin care routine for winter, we welcome you to reach out to us at any time.

Additional Options from The Skin Center by CPS

As you consider your options for skin care, you may also be interested in something like COOLSCULPTING® or COOLTONE™, both of which can help you eliminate stubborn fat deposits and have a more contoured physical appearance.

While these are not strictly “wintertime problems,” many clients like to have these treatments done in advance of spring and summer. Body contouring can help you feel more confident as you get ready for swimwear and sleeveless shirts.

Again, if you have any questions about these treatments, we welcome you to connect with The Skin Center by CPS at your next convenience.


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