Looking to Plump Up Your Lips? Select The Best Lip Augmentation Procedure For Your Desired Result

With a handful of lip augmentation procedures, we can help you achieve your desired result. So whether you want to go big, or you’d just like a subtle enhancement, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Lip Augmentation Options

Makeup For Subtle Improvements

Maybe you’re right at the doorstep, but you’re not exactly sure what you need to do to take your lips to the next level. When you’re that close, there are some makeup application methods and a handful of products you may want to consider using instead of opting for a medical procedure. Our procedures are quick and very effective, but we also want to make sure you’re fully educated on the variety of lip plumping methods. So, suppose you don’t want to go extreme with your plumping but are interested in some subtle enhancements. In that case, we absolutely can help you achieve this and can show you different at-home cosmetic applications you can perform to give the illusion of larger, fuller lips.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

These kinds of fillers will last you around six months or so, which is great as then you’ll only need to come back in once or twice a year. These kinds of fillers are excellent when it comes to boosting your lips’ overall volume and size and improving your lips’ structure to correct shape. Many patients don’t just want to boost their lips’ size, but they may have found they don’t like certain curvatures with their lips either. Hyaluronic acid fillers maybe something for you to consider when it comes to this.

The amount used during the injection will directly affect the volume of your lips. This gives us exceptional control over just how large your lips can become. It also helps us fine-tune the volume as we go. However, we do recommend different appointments. It’s often best to go small with the first set of injections to see how you like it (and see how your body reacts), and then opt for more if you think you’d like to go bigger and that your body doesn’t react to the filler.

We typically do not see many allergic reactions when it comes to these kinds of fillers. This is because the acid filler is similar to other materials found within your body, so your body will be less likely to identify it as a foreign substance and react to it. With that said, if you have any allergies to lidocaine, make sure to let us know.

Botox For Lips

The issue may not be with your lips, but with the skin around your lips. Perhaps the skin around your lips is saggy and wrinkled, so it affects the overall appearance of your lips. When this is the case, you may want to consider an injectable such as Botox. This is different from a filler. With a filler, something is being added into the space, which is why your lips plump. With an injectable such as Botox, it prevents the muscles from fully moving, preventing wrinkles from setting in. So, in some instances, we may find that you’ll be better off opting for a Botox option, or it may even be possible to use both if you have fine lines around your mouth and you’d like to plump up your lips at the same time.

Plump Up Your Lips Today

Having plump lips no longer needs to be a dream. Make it a reality with a lip augmentation procedure here at The Skin Center by CPS. Our staff here will help you achieve your lip goals and all in a quick outpatient procedure. You won’t be sitting around for hours under the knife, but instead can leave and go about your day in no time, all while showing off your brand new look.

So whether you’re just curious about what our procedures are or you want to learn more, now is the perfect time to reach out and book a no-pressure consultation with our expert staff here at The Skin Center by CPS. We can’t wait to help you along your beautification journey.

Lip Augmentation Patient Results

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