Benefits of Body Contouring

If you feel bothered or self-conscious about the shape of your body, body contouring cosmetic procedures may be an option for you. 

The benefits of body contouring treatments go beyond feeling confident about your appearance. Some are surprised when they learn about today’s surgical and non-surgical body contouring options and benefits.

Keep in mind this article provides an educational introduction and isn’t a substitute for a personalized consultation with a professional.

What Body Contouring Can Do For You

There are a few different body contouring procedures, depending on the specific treatment they may:

  • Remove fat
  • Remove loose skin
  • Permanently change the body’s proportions
  • Light spot reduction
  • Tighten skin tone

You may have heard you can’t spot reduce fat through exercise or diet. This is true since every person’s body has different areas where it retains a little extra fat, and when you lose fat through diet, your body chooses which fat to release first. With body contouring procedures, you can select specific areas to remove fat.

It’s important to differentiate body contouring from weight loss. These treatments are unsuitable for losing weight since they usually just remove small amounts of targeted fat cells. We typically recommend that people are close to their goal weight first. It is more for re-sculpting specific areas of the body. These procedures also require that the patient is healthy enough for the elective procedure and likely to recover well. Being at or near a healthy weight range before an elective procedure is also important for your safety.

To better understand the benefits of body contouring, it may help first to understand some of the body contouring treatment options available. Each has its benefits depending on the type of fat you want to remove or the area you wish to treat.

Non-Surgical Body Contouring

There are both surgical and non-surgical ways to re-contour the body. Non-surgical body contouring methods include

CoolSculpting® is an FDA-approved minimally invasive treatment to destroy targeted fat cells using Cryolipolysis, which freezes fat cells. It reduces fat from common trouble spots, like the abdomen, love handles, back fat or bra rolls, arms, or under the chin.

During “cryolipolysis,” a specialized applicator is strategically applied to the treated area. The cold breaks down fat cells in the area. It creates ice crystals inside the fat cells and ruptures them. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, fat cells are more susceptible to cold temperatures than your skin and other tissues.

Over the next few weeks, your body naturally expels the fat cells. The destruction of those face cells is permanent though it is possible to regain the weight. While more research is required, studies are exploring whether CoolSculpting® may also help improve skin elasticity and texture. Many anecdotally noticed this, but it is more of a perk if it happens than the reason to seek CoolSculpting®.

 Another popular non-surgical fat loss method is Kybella®. This procedure is most commonly used for tiny amounts of fat, as you would find in the jowls and double chin area. Kybell® works differently than CoolSculpting® by using an injection to break down the fat cells. The body releases it over the next few weeks, similar to CoolSculpting®.

Surgical Body Contouring

No discussion of surgical body contouring would be complete without including liposuction. During liposuction, the fat is sucked out of specific body areas. While it potentially removes more fat than CoolSculpting®, it is also a more invasive procedure.

Liposuction is often used to re-sculpt the waistline, belly, love handles, back fat, buttocks, upper thighs, and upper arms. Liposuction may remove more body fat than CoolSculpting®. However, it isn’t a substitute for traditional weight loss for patients who are significantly overweight. This is partially because it is an elective operation requiring good overall health for a smooth and safe recovery.

Body lifts and tucks are other highly sought-after surgical body contouring techniques. For example, many people seek a tummy tuck procedure after they lose a lot of weight or after weaning their child.

Even once you reach your goal weight, the skin may not keep up and tighten as fast as your weight loss. In some cases, it may never tighten enough. The loose skin may make you look heavier than you are, making you feel self-conscious about wearing fitted clothing or a bathing suit.

During a tummy tuck, your plastic surgeon would remove the excess skin, repair the muscles, and redrape the skin for a tighter and more sculpted appearance. Similar applies to other areas of the body through tucks and lifts such as a breast lift.

A More Sculpted, More Confident You

The main benefit of any of the non-surgical and surgical body contouring treatments mentioned is a more sculpted and leaner look. Some of today’s procedures also improve the texture and look of the skin. 

All of the methods mentioned permanently alter the shape and contour of your body by removing specific areas of fat or excess skin. These treatments are ideal for those stubborn areas you can’t completely transform through diet and exercise.

One of the main benefits is being able to face life with confidence at work, in social situations, at the gym, or on the beach. If feeling self-conscious about an area of your body keeps you from doing what you want, the life-changing power of body sculpting is amazing.

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