Hot Off the Press: Top Beauty Trends of 2022

The top beauty trends of 2022 embrace natural beauty and an adventurous spirit. Trends spread through various means, including Tik Tok, Instagram, mainstream media, the fashion world, street style, celebrity culture, and Zoom.  Overall, the stigma about cosmetic treatments, including surgery, has relaxed. Also, more people seek semi-permanent or permanent cosmetics due to the previous years’ popularity of eyebrow microblading. We hope you find this list of some of the top trends fun and possibly inspiring.

Top Beauty Trends 2022 Edition

Products Tailored to Your Skin Type

Using the products tailored to your skin type is always on-trend, whether you seek a natural look or a highly glamorous one. Your best look starts with using the right products for your needs, whether cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, or applying sun protection. These products help enhance your appearance, maintain the health of your skin, and help provide better results from your in-office treatments. If you are unsure which products to use, talk with a team member at The Skin Center, and we will help you identify the best products that meet your needs.

Strategically Scheduled Laser Resurfacing and Microneedling

These treatments improve the texture and appearance of the skin. For best results, we recommend receiving the treatments in a series spaced out by four weeks. The skin cells turn over approximately every 30 days. This schedule allows the skin time to recover before repeating treatment. Inconsistent timing of treatments may prevent you from meeting your aesthetic goals.

Leveraging Your Body’s Healing Power Through PRFM Therapy

PRP refers to “Platelet Rich Plasma” and is a natural and effective cosmetic treatment. It helps activate the body’s healing process by using your own platelets. It’s already used to help facilitate healing in injured joints. Now, PRFM (Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix) helps rejuvenate skin and restore hair growth. 

Full and Defined Lips 

Today’s freshest defined lips are necessary as made-up looking as Instagram influencers such as the Kardashians. While people may go bold with lip liner and color, many seek a semi-natural look and increased definition.

Lip blushing is a form of semi-permanent makeup that has been causing a buzz on Tik Tok. A tattoo artist specializing in semi-permanent makeup shades the lips to make them look a little fuller and more defined. 

Finally, some see a more defined lip using a unique approach to Botox® called the “Lip Flip.” During a Lip Flip, a provider injects BOTOX® near the cupid’s bow above the upper lip and sometimes near the corners of the mouth. This relaxes specific muscles and causes the lips to relax with a slight upward lift, making them look more defined and slightly fuller.

 Of course, neither of these treatments makes the lips fuller. Some who want more volume and fullness may seek injectable lip filler from their favorite master nurse injector.

Body Contouring 

When it comes to cosmetic treatments to contour the body, one size never fits all. A skilled professional can guide you through the options and which treatments will likely provide the results you crave. Options include liposuction, CoolSculpting®, Kybella®, and QWO®. 

CoolSculpting® freezes and destroys unwanted fat cells. Kybella® destroys fat cells by dissolving them. QWO® is an enzyme-based treatment that targets cellulite. 

Each treatment method is highly effective when used correctly and applied to a specific area. As these are sophisticated treatments, your best results are achieved when you see a knowledgeable, experienced professional. Your provider helps you navigate the best options for your goal and performs the procedure.

 Pre-juvenation and Rejuvenation

With so many options for rejuvenation, one of the top trends is to use products and treatments that help delay or reverse the visual effects of aging. The most obvious aspect is to concentrate on skincare products. A good broad-spectrum sunscreen is essential for everyone regardless of age. It is more of a “pre-juvenation” since it prevents premature aging caused by sun exposure and other environmental stressors.

 Other rejuvenation products include retinol, vitamin C serums, and more. Some injectables also offer rejuvenation benefits. Talk with a provider at The Skin Center by CPS to learn which new injectables are available to you.

 Natural Look

In contrast to some other trends, many embrace a natural “I just woke up this way” look.  A sheer tinted sunscreen or CC cream is a popular base among those who seek this look. Of course, that works best when you have attractive skin. Some use rejuvenation skin care products, acne treatments, and even injectables or light facials to achieve a clear, smooth look. Injectable filler strategically placed under the eyes can visually prevent dark circles eliminating the need for concealer. Botox can smooth some fine lines and add subtle lift to the face resulting in a relaxed, well-rested natural look. Dermal fillers may also subtly enhance cheekbone structure, the chin, or other areas of the facial structure, eliminating the need for contouring using makeup.

Inclusive Beauty and Style

The past couple of years brought in a renewed interest in inclusive beauty and style featuring people of various body types, ages, ethnicities, and gender expressions. On a brand level, when different stylists and influencers are featured, more people see themselves represented. On an individual level, the trend is to work with what nature gave you and subtly or boldly enhance your best features. For example, someone with thick, curly hair would choose a bold or natural hairstyle that makes that curliness a feature rather than trying to straighten their hair. Someone with naturally curvy hips would choose fashions that showcase their curves rather than trying to hide them. Of course, this doesn’t mean that one can’t play with products, fashions, and cosmetic treatments that further enhance their best features.

 Liquid Facelift

All these Zoom meetings have made people even more aware of how their faces look. It doesn’t help that some Zoom in rooms with unflattering lighting. This increased awareness inspired many to seek what some call a “liquid facelift.”

 A liquid facelift involves using injectable treatments to minimize the signs of aging. For example:

  • Strategically placed BOTOX® can relax the muscles that cause expression lines and make a face look more relaxed and smoother.
  • Injectables can smooth the skin and fill in hollows caused by aging, bone loss, and facial fat loss. Filler on the cheeks, under the eyes, or at the temples can result in a fuller look associated with youth.
  • Sculptra® injections containing Poly-L-lactic acid can restore fullness and encourage collagen production over months.

Don’t trust just anyone with your liquid facelift. Choose a knowledgeable provider with a proven track record and sense of proportion. Some of today’s social media influencers and celebrities popularized an overly-treated look with exaggerated proportions. As a result, some developed social media and “Zoom-dysmorphia.” 

Find an aesthetic professional experienced in facial optimization. A well-seasoned professional will guide you and recommend treatments that provide subtle beauty – a slight brow lift with BOTOX® or discreet cheekbone volume, offering a natural, more youthful appearance – without Spock brows or pillow face.          

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Many of today’s top beauty trends may be further enhanced with the right cosmetic treatments. With so many options, more people than ever seek treatments that support their style choices and help them feel confident about their appearance.

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