Barbie Botox: Don’t Put Beauty Above Health!

The latest TikTok beauty trend of Barbie Botox could be hazardous to your health. Trends don’t last forever, but the adverse effects of poorly administered Botox might. Before taking the advice of an influencer online, you need to know more about this procedure.

At The Skin Center by CPS, we put your health and safety first in all our non-surgical skincare and body contouring services. We want you to know about the possible hazards of this latest cosmetic trend online and how to find providers you can trust your body and your health to.

Why Is Barbie Botox® Popular Now?

The wildly popular Barbie movie hit $1 billion at the box office within the first three weeks of its opening, placing it in an elite class of only 50 other films that have done so in history.

While this movie has generated buzz for its female director and massive box office earnings, it also has created a trend online, Barbie Botox®.

Thanks to the wildly popular Barbie movie, the doll’s look has become popular in recent months, especially the sleek, long neck.

Social media platform TikTok has effectively disseminated information about Barbie Botox® over the last few months. The hashtag BarbieBotox has 15.5 million views on TikTok. Another name for the procedure, called Trap Tox, has another 32.1 million views under its hashtag on the platform.

Influencers on social media, using these hashtags, post videos of their journeys with this treatment. These journeys have included them seeking out Botox injections to achieve this look and showing the results to amazed viewers. In turn, those viewers look for providers to get the look for themselves.

With millions of views on TikTok, Barbie Botox® is a topic that millions are talking about. Naturally, our patients at The Skin Center by CPS have asked us about this, too. We want anyone thinking about having this type of cosmetic treatment performed to know more about it before booking an appointment.

What Is Barbie Botox®?

The name Barbie Botox® comes from the name for the cosmetic options that patients think will give them a look similar to a Barbie doll. This look includes having a long neck and smaller shoulders. To accomplish this specific aesthetic feature, patients request Botox® injections into the muscles of their trapezius to diminish their appearance.

The injections into these shoulder muscles that support the neck cause paralysis of the muscle, which weakens and shrinks over time. The resulting shrunken muscles at the base of the neck make the neck appear longer and the shoulders smaller.

People requesting Botox in their shoulder muscles for cosmetic reasons is a new phenomenon, but shoulder injections of Botox® have existed for  years for medical purposes.

Dr. Jack Scheuer from Charlotte Plastic Surgery recently eplained the trend Barbie Botox on WBTV.

Botox® Injections in the Shoulder Muscles

Botox® has a medical benefit when injected into the shoulders. For years, one treatment option for muscle spasms in the shoulders was a series of Botox® injections.

Since the shoulder muscle is larger than those of the face, this procedure uses more Botox® to achieve results. Each treatment may require 80 units of Botox® or more with multiple treatments needed to achieve results.

The time and number of Botox® injections required can push the cost of this procedure to $2,000 or higher, usually not covered by insurance can make it a pricy investment that requires careful consideration.

What Is the Problem with Cosmetic Botox® Use in the Shoulders?

While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Botox® for several cosmetic purposes, such as reducing the look of lines on the face, it has not approved the use of this drug for cosmetic changes to the shoulders.

Due to Botox® injections in the shoulders to treat medical issues and not approved for cosmetic use, some people may try to acquire this procedure from unqualified, unlicensed individuals. The FDA regulates the use of Botox® and who can administer it because improper application of this substance can cause long-term adverse health effects.

One of the most concerning outcomes from improperly administered Botox® in the shoulders is complete paralysis of the trapezius muscle. This can happen either when the person administering the drug does not inject it into the correct location or uses the wrong dose.

Additionally, due to the way Botox® works on nerves, incorrectly done Barbie Botox® could impact the surrounding muscles, making it difficult to hold up your head.

Even more concerning is the chance for potentially fatal outcomes from improperly administered Botox® injections around the neck. The area around the trapezius muscle lies near where nerves that are part of the central nervous and respiratory systems run. Damage to these nerves could create fatal complications.

As with all types of cosmetic injectables, always seek an approved, trained medical professional who knows exactly how to effectively administer the drug. When injected by a professional, Botox® is a safe, proven way to enhance your appearance.

Don’t Put Beauty Above Health! Know What to Look for in Botox Injection Providers

As with all types of cosmetic treatments, always do your research before selecting a Botox® provider. The cheapest option may not come from someone trained in administering Botox® injections. For a procedure such as Barbie Botox®, selecting an untrained person could have fatal results.

Choose a skilled provider to administer Botox® injections. At The Skin Center by CPS, we have a robust reputation as Charlotte’s top aesthetic practice. We are proud of our nearly seven decades of serving the community. Our providers are medically licensed professionals with years of expert training and experience. We live in an ever evolving industry of innovation and emerging new technologies. Therefore, we are committed to continuing education opportunities to assure we remain informed of the latest trends.

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