Let’s Break Down The Hottest Areas for Botox Injections

Top Areas for Botox Injections

Forehead Wrinkles

These are probably the most popular areas for Botox simply because the wrinkles in your forehead are the most prominent. If you are especially expressive with your face, you will develop them sooner. Due to the lifting and lowering of your eyebrows, these wrinkles are more likely to form sooner than other wrinkles. These are also wrinkles that are more difficult for you to hide. Crow’s feet and smile lines can be covered up with beauty products, and even finer lines can be worked on with some items you can purchase for home use. However, there’s just no way to get around forehead wrinkles. That’s why it’s a top target for Botox injections.

Drooping Eyebrows

Have you noticed your eyebrows are starting to sag and droop? Maybe your brows now cover parts of the lids of your eyes, making you look tired. Well, Botox can help with this. Improving the shape and appearance of your eyebrows is one of the most common uses of Botox. Due to your eyebrows’ additional weight and the fact that the skin curves inward toward your eyes, the brows are more likely to droop than other areas of your face. So, if you’re dealing with drooping eyebrows, you might want to consider Botox.

Frown Lines

Moving down your face from the forehead are the frown lines. These are two lines that might develop from between your eyebrows and work vertically up. Much like other areas of your face, frown lines are caused by facial expressions. You may even develop them from squinting at a computer screen (which is one reason you should use your technology with the lights on and with the aid of blue light-reducing glasses). If you have frown lines, Botox can help reduce the appearance of a scowling face. The tissue around the mouth tends to be a bit thicker making the impression of wrinkles deeper than other wrinkles around your face, such as crows feet.

Crows Feet

Speaking of crows feet, this is another top target area for Botox. The skin around your eye is very thin, which is why you will develop wrinkles around this area of your face sooner than you will on other parts of your body. These lines are also commonly caused by laughing, smiling, squinting, and other facial expressions. Thankfully the lines are thinner and smaller, which means easier to treat. Some makeup and cosmetic applications can assist with covering this up. Still, with Botox, not only will the wrinkles disappear without the use of makeup or expensive wrinkle creams, but you’ll help prevent new, future wrinkles from appearing.

Bunny Lines

This is kind of a funny name to use, and it’s not universally used, so other doctors may refer to the wrinkles around your nose as something else (picture a bunny crinkling its nose and you’ll understand why it’s often called “Bunny Lines”). These lines are not as common, but many do develop them. With the help of a Botox injection, you can remove bunny lines from your face and restore a youthful look. Plus, Botox injections in this area will help you avoid further developing these lines around your nose.

Marionette and Smoker Lines

There are several “lines” that might develop around your mouth. Marionette lines look like strings that run almost vertically from the edge of your lips down to your chin. You may develop several of these lines over time (and then curve up toward crows feet around your eyes). Smoker lines, on the other hand, can develop even if you don’t smoke. If you push your lips together as if taking a hit of a cigarette, or repetitive use of a straw, lines might form around your lips with movement. It’s called smoker lines because many smokers do eventually suffer from these kinds of fine lines due to the repeated pursing of their lips.

Neck Lines

Now we’re down from the face and onto the neck area. This is one area that you may have started to see some wrinkles. Muscles in the neck will likely begin to sag over time. These muscles are not as frequently used as other muscles in the body, and as such, the neck muscles can lose some elasticity and strength, which can cause the drooping of skin and the development of what is known as neck cords or neckbands. With a Botox injection, the bands will be less noticeable. It may also help reduce some wrinkles around the jawline as muscles will no longer be tense but instead will be able to relax.

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