3 Everyday Habits That Can Damage Your Skin

Achieving the perfect glowing skin has always been an elusive mystery. Finding the right formula for healthy skin remains challenging to decipher, especially since your skin can one day feel excellent and clear, prompting you to abandon your skin health routine. The next day, however, pimples show up, followed shortly by redness and dry patches. 

Even the best skincare routines sometimes let you down, leaving people at a loss for any viable solutions. Skin health is composed of various factors, including genetics, diet, lifestyle, environment, and even hormones. 

But there are ways to gain full control over your skin health. First things first, break these top three bad habits that can damage your skin!

Bad Habit #1: Believing that it’s okay to skip facial washes 

Your days will likely be composed of various environmental changes, be it a long commute or a dusty stock room. Failing to wash your face before bed leaves your skin vulnerable to environmental factors, including dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, and layers of products. These eventually clog your pores, leaving you with irritated and pimple-blemished skin. 

It’s best to wash your face twice a day, especially after being exposed to the outside and excessive sweating. However, keep in mind that your facial wash should be gentle and infused with moisturizing properties, more importantly. Remember to double cleansing at night.

Bad Habit #2: You fail to apply daily sunscreen 

Applying sunscreen is one of the most important parts of any skincare routine. It helps prevent the onset of a variety of skin problems, including skin cancer. While most people believe that sunscreen should only be used during summer getaways, it’s a non-negotiable part of your daily life. 

Bear in mind that you’re constantly exposed to the sun, even if you’re just sitting by the window. Blue light is also a major factor. Blue light from your cell phone, computer screen, overhead lights and flat screen TV are more damaging since they penetrate deeper and you don’t even feel them. 85% of wrinkles are contributed to environmental damage. Constant exposure to the sun and electronics ages your skin relatively quickly—if you wish to avoid face fillers and other procedures for longer, it’s best to start wearing your sunscreen, preferably an SPF 30 or higher. 

Bad Habit #3: You fail to get good amounts of sleep 

Experts refer to it as beauty sleep for a reason—sleep can bring your skin health wonders. Bear in mind that your cells regenerate as you rest, leaving you with healthy skin to enjoy. However, if you don’t get enough, your cells fail to recover and build new and healthy ones. 

Without proper sleep, you’re left with dull skin, ultimately leading to dark circles, redness, and wrinkles. Your skin’s natural barrier protection is also compromised, further exacerbating dryness and sensitivity. In other words, lack of sleep fuels breakouts

Taking Better Care of Your Skin

Achieving better skin health may seem like a mystery devoid of any tangible solutions, but oftentimes, it’s just a case of changing habits. As you continue to look after your skin’s health, keep these bad habits in mind. Consistency is key. Even the best of skincare products cannot help if you continue damaging your skin!

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